10/28/2010     2:55 PM

The US 2011 X3 configurator just went live! No word yet on the Canadian configurator yet, but just follow the attached link to the USA configurator and enjoy!

10/28/2010     1:45 PM

Bill Caswell made headlines earlier this year by buying a $500 E30 and placing 3rd in the WRC Rally Mexico. He’s back at it and has a new challenge: the Baja 1000. Caswell’s heading to SEMA, welding together a Baja E30, then heading to Mexico. He took a break from construction to share his plans with Jalopnik.

10/28/2010     10:30 AM

Car Enthusiast provides their first drive review of the 2011 BMW X3, giving it high marks across the board, even calling it a capable and desirable alternative to the acclaimed X5.

10/27/2010     9:40 PM

Autoblog was recently given a private behind-the-scenes tour of the multi-story BMW Classics warehouse, which is closed off to the public. What they come out with is a depot of classic BMW eye candy.

10/27/2010     5:10 PM

The next generation 3-series lineup (expected beginning 2012) will include a Gran Turismo (GT) model. Scott26 provides a preview of the F3x 3-series GT, calling it a shrunken down CS Concept. Details and preview renderings inside.

10/27/2010     1:41 PM

M3POST member Biglare has teamed up with IND, who consistently puts out some beautiful BMW builds. The challenge this time was to improve upon an already unique and widely recognizable Brilliant White BMW Individual M3. Mission accomplished? Ogle for yourself inside.

10/27/2010     11:00 AM

One of the first driver assistance systems which we will see in the near future is BMW’s Remote Controlled Parking technology. All the driver needs to do is park his BMW in front of the garage and the vehicle will then maneuver itself into the garage

10/27/2010     1:00 AM

It takes some cajones to do a complete repaint of a BMW and even more so when it’s a polarizing finish such as frozen (matte) gray. But that’s exactly what a 1ADDICTS member has done in painting the world’s first frozen gray 1-series coupe. Professional photos to come.

10/26/2010     6:30 PM

BMW has been named key supplier for all 52 Police forces in the UK. The news will see cars such as the BMW 330d Saloon and Touring, 530d Saloon and Touring, all variants of X1, X3 xDrive20d, X5 xDrive30d and xDrive40d, and the R1200 RF-P Police bike all take a high profile role in the fight against crime. Some of the vehicles will also be unmarked and perform less visible policing roles.

10/26/2010     5:00 PM

BMW snow and ice training courses in winter 2011. Winter is coming, but the driving pleasure continues.

With the right preparation, drivers can not only negotiate the winter months safely but have a lot of fun in the process. BMW Snow and Ice Trainings get drivers into shape to handle the demands of winter. From the Alpine scenery above S

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