10/12/2010     9:35 PM

5POST member’s F10 M-sport 5-series have begun to flow in. After many weeks of eager anticipation, these beauties are beginning to be delivered to members. Check out the various just-delivered photo threads on 5POST.

10/12/2010     5:00 PM

There is no 1-series GTS, but Parkview BMW has put together its own version. They started off with the hot Fire Orange color from the M3 GTS and complimented it with a full array of 1-series BMW Performance Parts. The GTS logos are a bit much for us, but the overall result is a hot little coupe we’d love to see BMW actually produce.

10/12/2010     1:45 PM

Here are our latest spy photos of the 2012 M6 Coupe (F12) and Convertible (F13). The coupe is showing a camouflaged front bumper but the production wheel design, and the convertible is not yet testing with its production bumper. The coupe will look essentially like the 6-series coupe concept debuted at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, albeit with M body styling and other bits.

The new M6 Coupe will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012. The M6 Cabrio will follow later in 2012. An M6 Gran Coupe (4 door) will arrive in late 2013. A Possible M6 Shooting brake is under consideration.

Be sure to follow our complete 6-series Coverage and M6 Coverage

10/12/2010     12:02 PM

The 1M coupe is said to be coming in only three colors – Valencia Orange, Black, and Alpine White, the latter of which is previewed here by our Alpine325ci. Seen here is a rear rendering which follows the stunning front rendering from a few weeks back.

10/11/2010     7:45 PM

Tiff Needell and Jason Plato of Fifth Gear pits the E92 M3 Competition against the C63 AMG Performance Package. We won’t spoil the review for you, but they do declare a clear winner at review’s end.

10/11/2010     4:30 PM

There are reports out today that GM is seeking to partner up with BMW to co-develop engines. This would come as no surprise as BMW publicly mentioned at the Paris Motor Show that it was discussing partnerships with multiple companies on engine production and GM has recently made no secret of its current strategy to find partners for co-development of technologies.

10/11/2010     1:30 PM

BMW is launching a marketing push to convince more American consumers to custom order and take delivery in just 2-6 weeks. To entice them, BMW will offer them unique choices and provide a video link of their car being “born” while they’re waiting for delivery. The push coincides with a $750 million expansion at the Spartanburg plant to make room for a second SUV, the redesigned X3. Today 15% of Americans custom-order their cars. BMW hopes to get 40% of its buyers to do it by 2015.

10/11/2010     11:30 AM

2012 F10 M5 prototypes continue to be evaluated and tested on the Ring. The M5 is set to make its world debut at the 2011 Geneva autoshow as the "BMW Concept M5", which would be a near production identical version of the car to show off at various shows ahead of the official production car launch in Frankfurt.

The car will be a 2012 MY vehicle and be powered by a special version fo the S63 V8 that is currently used in the X5 and X6 M albeit with further refinements and increased power output to make this the top car in the M car lineup alongside the next M6.

The F10 M5s debut, launch, and sales … CONTINUED

10/11/2010     8:00 AM

Members from across the Bimmerpost sites gathered this past weekend for a large meet in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Nearly 200 cars showed attended the event, featuring bbq, raffle, and mobile dyno. Check out the event photos inside.

10/10/2010     8:00 PM

German publications were also on hand for the 1M coupe first drive and the reviews have been no less positive and encouraging than the US reviews. See inside for the translated key points from the reviews.

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