09/13/2010     4:55 PM

As we move closer to its likely unveil at the 2010 Paris Motor Show later this month, the dontblogaboutthis mystery BMW continues to be teased. The latest video shows the vehicle driving towards camera with its apparent Vision Efficient Dynamics front end and LED lights clearly seen. Don’t take much stock in the car’s current form however, as it’s sure to be revealed in a different concept form at Paris.

You can also hear the car’s exhaust and likely hybrid powertrain as it passes the camera.

09/13/2010     2:30 PM

In case you haven’t yet noticed, the MINI USA Online Configurator has been updated as of last Friday! No Countryman yet, but the 2011 Mini Cooper, Convertible, and Clubman are all updated and ready for your imagination.

09/13/2010     2:25 PM

The German BMW X3 Brochure has been released. English speakers unable to read the text can nonetheless gleam the X3 features, options, accessories, and packages from the photos. We will bring you the US version when available.

09/13/2010     10:45 AM

Many members have already posted great photo journals from their European Delivery experiences, so how about some motion video? M3Post member greycrx87 shares this compilation of moments from his ED experience in a video, including time spent at the Welt and the Stelvio Pass.

09/13/2010     8:14 AM

Their summary: The March Toward Technological Perfection Continues.

Although edmunds have give snippets of reviews for the new F10 5-Series in the past, this is their first full review of the new 5-Series. Their test model was a beautiful example of a 535i with automatic transmission. Here are a few quotes from the review, but follow the link at the bottom to the actual article.


Certainly the only bit in the 2011 BMW 535i that is simpler is the engine

09/12/2010     9:35 PM

Turner Motorsports is one of the lucky owners of 1 of only 30 Frozen Gray M3 limited edition models. Never ones to leave stock alone however, they have already begun their conversion of the car into an even more trackable car.

For now, exclusive sized 18×10″ Volk Racing G2 Forged wheels have been fitted all around on this M3. A big benefit to running identically sized and offset wheels all around is the ease with which the tires will be rotated at the track. The wheels are in a Formula Silver finish and weigh only 19 lbs. They are each wrapped in 275/35 Continental Grand-Am spec race slicks.

We’re sure an aggressive suspension and big brakes are coming down the line and can’t wait to see the car … CONTINUED

09/12/2010     12:55 PM

The next generation M5 is set to become one of the most memorable M5s to date. The extensive on and off track testing is testament to BMWs commitment to making the M5 the best in class.

This particular video compliments our high resolution still shots (http://f10.5post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=429574) and shows off the superb body control and you get a taste of the engine growl as well.

The M5 is set to make its world debut at the 2011 Geneva autoshow as the "BMW Concept M5", which would be a near production identical version of the car to show off at various shows ahead of the official production car launch in Frankfurt.

The car will … CONTINUED

09/12/2010     12:37 AM

Gerald unleashes the production F10 M5 in his latest work. Most of what you see here should be very accurate as they are based directly on the latest revealing F10 M5 spy photos. The render quality is again top notch, especially the wheels, which look spot on to the wheels in the M5 spy photos.

09/11/2010     12:37 PM

David06M3 just returned from a visit to M-Division and brings some 1M news. The 1M will be a limited production of only 2,700 units, come in only 3 colors – Alpine White, Jet Black, Valencia Orange. Manual transmission only has also been confirmed. Image by Gerald Alvarez (of course).

09/11/2010     12:00 PM

Vorsteiner has announced the intro of its X6M Aero Package, the company’s first SUV conversion. Aero parts include the carbon fiber front bumper add-on spoiler lip, power dome sculpted vented carbon composite hood, and new sporty carbon fiber diffuser, and carbon rear deck lid spoiler.

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