09/06/2010     11:00 AM

Gerald is exhibiting his artistry once again with this 1M Coupe in Alpine White render. We hear he is working on a black 1M Coupe next. At this rate, we’ll have previews of the 1M Coupe in every color prior to their actual unveils ;)

09/05/2010     10:30 PM

BMW shows off some of its new products, some of which would make great holiday gifts – from a snow racer sled, to a children’s GT2 racercar, to a key fob USB stick and a JOY backpack.

09/05/2010     2:00 PM

The upcoming 6-series has been one of the most frequently spied future BMWs as it’s one of the BMW models that will be revealed in the next few months (Winter of 2010/2011). This is the first time a blue convertible has been spotted and also some of the best photos yet of the grill/duct work of the front bumper. The profile shot shows off the incredibly sleek silhouette that the F13 6-series convertible will have.

Follow our full 6-series coverage here: http://www.bimmerpost.com/6-series/

09/05/2010     2:00 AM

Australia now gets its own limited edition M3 called the M3 Pure Edition. The Pure Edition features visual enhancements such as gloss black 19″ wheels, high gloss black hood inlets, and dark chrome front grille, side gills, and exhaust tips. No performance extras, but the car will be cheaper than the standard M3 available in Australia.

09/04/2010     2:30 PM

5POST members are wasting no time in personalizing their F10 5-series. Member kfiend has done so by fitting his F10 with whiteline taillights, aftermarket wheels, and BMW Performance grilles and trunk spoiler. These pics are our first look at the whitelines in action.

09/04/2010     8:00 AM

MINI has launched its Countryman advertising campaign, consisting of these first few print ads and TV commercials. The four new, 15-second TV commercials take the versatility of the new MINI Countryman and show it off in a handful of slick and smart short films. The key to the MINI Countryman is how good it is for bridging the gap between urban and country life. The new claim,

09/03/2010     6:00 PM

Caradvice.com recently had the opportunity to test and review the BMW X5 M and they came away nearly giving the SUV full marks across the board. They even compared its handling back-to-back with a 370z, which it easily outhandled. Click on through for their glowing review.

09/03/2010     3:10 PM

Alpine325ci is at it again, this time producing an absolutely gorgeous wallpaper render of the upcoming 1M Coupe, set inside a tunnel at high speed. The 1M in the image looks spot on based on all that we’ve seen of the 1M Coupe so far!

09/03/2010     12:00 PM

Member David06M3 has been invited by BMW M to France for the “Joy Does Not Compromise M Event” at the M test facilities in Miramas, France. He will have direct access to M Division personnel and has asked that you suggest questions for him to address. Chime in inside!

09/03/2010     9:15 AM

Ever wonder how the BMW’s Navigation System compares to other systems? Cars.com undertook a comparison of the BMW Navigation against the Nissan G37 and Acura TSX. Which NAV took top honors? Check out the results inside.

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