08/31/2010     4:45 PM

Matt@Camber-Toe performs a tear down of the N55 motor, BMW’s relatively new single turbo twin scroll N55 engine that now occupies the top spot within BMW’s inline-6-cylinder lineup. An analysis of the potential upper power limits of the turbos will be performed and overall upgradability of the N55.

08/31/2010     4:00 PM

BMW is urging its 338 U.S. dealers to use a computerized system to do vehicle inspections when customers arrive for repair and maintenance work. The goal is to boost the number of multi-point vehicle inspections by making it easier and faster for service technicians to conduct them.

08/31/2010     1:25 PM

Enco Exclusive, a German tuner, has released its BMW X6 aero kit package. It’s the first dual color X6 we have seen and is matched to new front and rear bumpers with integrated LED lights and exhaust cutouts, side skirts, widened fenders and rocker panels. Wheels are black 23″ JURA aluminum wheels, with time-attack style pinstripes. An aftermarket exhaust has also been fitted. However, this is purely a cosmetic enhancement kit and no performance upgrades are included.

08/31/2010     10:45 AM

Sure, the Top Gear hosts are entertaining as hell, but nobody drives like Tiff Needell of the rival show Fifth Gear. Watch him flog the M3 around the Thruxton Motorsport Centre track while commenting as if it required little effort from him to handle the car at up to 140mph!

08/31/2010     2:36 AM

These are the first professional M3 Tiger Edition photos we have seen. These professionally shot photos of the M3 Tiger Edition feature a set of professional dancers showcasing the M3 Tiger. And yes, you can spot the tiger headrest emblem.

08/30/2010     6:00 PM

It’s long been accepted that the next generation F30 M3 will no longer be powered by a V8, but instead will be propelled by a turbo inline 6 engine. The question was which I6 engine – the N54, N55, or a new motor? The answer is that it will be based on the single turbo, twin scroll N55.

08/30/2010     2:55 PM

Try as they may, BMW can’t manage to conceal every last bit of the car that they are holding off on revealing. We have now spotted the 1M mirrors, carbon fiber diffuser/rear valence, and potentially an aggressive hood design. Scott26 also confirms a carbon fiber roof.

08/30/2010     10:44 AM

Lumma has introduced its F10 5-series – the CLR 500 RS2, at the Mosow Motor Show. The CLR 500 RS2 boasts 380hp and extensive bodywork not meant for the timid. Its exterior features a matte black paint matched to carbon fiber hood, trunk spoiler, and rear bumper bits.

08/30/2010     8:00 AM

The N54 (and not N55 as originally planned) has been confirmed to power the 1M. Rest assured, this won’t be your average N54 motor from BMW’s standard models, but a tweaked version expected to deliver more power than the already tweaked version in the “is” models.

08/30/2010     5:00 AM

We bring you the first photos of the the F20 1-series interior on a 135i. The center console is clearly seen. Compared to the current 1-series, the console appears to be more driver oriented, the screen remains a hide-away version, and the radio controls have swapped positions with the air controls.

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