08/21/2010     7:00 PM

10 days ago we reported on the closing of BMW’s South African Rosslyn Plant due to a strike by the National Union of Metalworkers of SA. We’re happy to report that the strike is now over and the plant has resumed 3-series production.

The union has negotiated a 3-year wage increase and its members will receive 10% wage increase this year and 9% increase in the next two years. The strike resulted in the lost production of approximately 17,000 vehicles among the BMW, VW, Toyota, Ford, GM, Nissan, and Daimler manufacturing plants.

08/21/2010     6:00 AM

Hamann has released photos of its full F01 7-series program. Their parts include, front spoiler lip, two types of full front bumpers, front fenders, side gills, sideskirts, rear spoiler, rear diffuser for quad pipes, roof spoiler, lower springs, alloy wheels, engine tune, exhaust systems, and various interior accessory bits.

08/20/2010     3:00 PM

WheelSTO shares the final chapter to their Japan tour, saving arguably the best for last – Studie AG headquarters in Yokohama. Studie AG has 5 shops all over Japan, but this is the mother of all Studie AG shops. Enough talk, hit up automotive aftermarket nirvana inside!

08/20/2010     10:30 AM

The Sept. issue of Sport Auto has hit the stands today and contains several tests of the M3 GTS, including laps on the Nurburgring and Hockenheim tracks. The best time they were able to achieve with the M3 GTS was 7:48 on the Nurburgring and 1:12.5 at Hockenheim. See inside for how these times fared to the competition.

08/20/2010     7:54 AM

BMW Performance parts for both the BMW X5 and X6 have been out now for some time, with a few scant images distributed around the internet. In fact, to date, the best photos have been the ones captured live @ autoshows (check out our autoshow coverage of the geneva show where we were lucky enough to get some great alone time with the car), but now BMW has updated us with some new photos at some great angles and in high resolutions!

08/19/2010     9:00 PM

American fans of the BMW X1 SAV will soon get their turn as the X1 is expected to hit U.S. dealerships in late May to early June of 2011 according to our sources. The X1 has been on sale in Europe since Oct. 2009 and is produced at the BMW Leipzig plant. Its main rivals will be the upcoming Audi Q3 and Mercedes B-Class.

The X1 has been a sales success so far, recently overtaking the Audi Q5 as the top selling premium sports utility vehicle in Europe.

Catch all our X1 homepage coverage here: http://www.bimmerpost.com/x1/

08/19/2010     4:15 PM

This is a short but very tantalizing clip of the upcoming F10 M5! Drifting around a wet corner at the Nurburgring, the M5 sounds like it’s in the upper RPM range as it powers out of the corner. That’s the tweaked version of the S63 V8 twin turbo motor from the X5M/X6M you’re hearing, and we expect it to make 585-600hp in the new M5.

The 2012 M5 is expected to premier at the 2011 Frankfurt IAA autoshow in September 2011.

08/19/2010     12:30 PM

The cover of the latest auto moto, a french auto magazine, features their prediction of what the 2012 F30 3-series sedan may look like. This render seems to draw heavily on cues from the newest BMWs such as the F10 5-series, F07 5-series GT, F01 7-series, and even E89 Z4. Opinions?

08/19/2010     10:30 AM

BMW design chief Adrian Van Hooydonk speaks about the upcoming Megacity vehicle coming in 2013, BMW’s first volume production car to use carbon fiber in the structure and panels. He says that the car will be attractive but not controversial and will be priced at a premium to the Tata Nanos of the world.

08/18/2010     9:00 PM

CAR Magazine undertakes an examination of which BMW M3, all editions considered, is the greatest ever. The shortlist considered includes the E92 M3 GTS, E46 M3 CSL, or E30 M3 Sport Evo, each representing the highest performing and most focused editions of their generation. See verdict inside.

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