08/13/2010     4:30 PM

BMW is shooting to sell 25,000 X3s in the U.S. for the 2011 calendar year, according to Insideline. For comparison, BMW sold 17,622 X3s in 2008. Also, custom ordered X3s will have exclusive options not available to off-the-lot models.

08/13/2010     11:30 AM

BMW has released an updated BMW Performance promo video, now also featuring the X6 and X5. The original clip featuring just the E90 3-series and E82 1-series portion of this video was released back in November 2008.

08/13/2010     12:59 AM

Here are the first photos of the new 507bhp Bi-Turbo Alpina B5 F10, in classic Alpina Blue. Previously, the new B5 had been shown only in Alpine White.

08/12/2010     10:00 PM

Can you think of any better combination for a BMW delivery? We can’t! DMD takes us through 5 day / 700 mile european delivery trip with his new M3 Competition ZCP.

08/12/2010     3:45 PM

One of the hottest comparisons between two of the hottest sports coupes available is on again, as Autoweek pits the E92 M3 versus the Audi RS5. Result? Let’s just say the boys at Autoweek call the M3′s spirit “unbeatable” English subtitled video review inside.

08/12/2010     11:30 AM

The M3 Tiger Edition is apparently already out, as spotted in these photos from a recent Beijing BMW event. Looking like a M3 GTS in Fire Orange Metallic, but without extra aero parts, this limited edition M3 stands out even in the rainy weather. Difficult to see the tiger head emblem on the headrests, which is probably a good thing.

08/12/2010     10:50 AM

According to Insideline, the take rate for manual transmission on the F10 5-series is only 6 percent of all orders so far, signaling an overwhelming preference by F10 owners for the automatic transmission. So what does this signal for the upcoming F10 M5? Will we see a manual transmission option? If so, will the percentage of manual transmission M5′s also be this low?

08/12/2010     10:45 AM

BMW documents the ultimate testdrive experience — Twelve BMW fanatics from Canada got the chance last year to drive BMW X5M or BMW X6M on the Salzburgring and then pilot BMW Formula Cars on the Nurburgring, all courtesy of Endras BMW.

08/11/2010     5:33 PM

BMWs Rosslyn Plant in South Africa is currently closed due to the strike by the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa, and will remain closed until the strike is over. The Rosslyn plant currently produces BMW 3-series vehicles for the local market and for export to the USA, Canada, sub-Saharan Africa, Japan, South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. 3-series are however produced in other BMW plants around the world, including Leipzig, Munich, Jakarta, Regensburg, Chennai, and Selangor.

We hope that the resolution is a quick one so as not to affect any of E90POST members orders!



08/11/2010     1:10 PM

Here is the first visual of the upcoming M3 Tiger Edition which is expected to be introduced to the Chinese market. As previously reported, the headrest will feature this tiger head emblem in fire orange to match the M3′s exterior color, as well as the orange stitching which will be used throughout the black leather interior.

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