07/29/2010     7:43 AM

In a rather strict interpretation of BMWs Concept AciveEs advertising message, the European Advertising Standards Alliance has banned BMW from advertising "Zero Emissions" with respect to its electric cars. Their basis is that this is a false claim by BMW. See the following explanation:


LONDON (AFP) – A second BMW advert has been banned for claims about the low levels of carbon dioxide emissions produced by its cars, Britains advertising watchdog said on Wednesday.

The Advertising Standards Agency said the German luxury car makers newspaper ad claiming that the BMW Concept ActiveE electric car as "100 percent joy, zero percent emissions", … CONTINUED

07/28/2010     3:00 PM

Japanese tuner 3D Design has released its F10 5-series. Upgrade parts include a front lip spoiler, rear trunk spoiler, roof spoiler, black grills, rear diffuser, and 20″ forged wheels. Quad tip sport exhaust system is also available for the 550i and 535i.

07/28/2010     12:45 PM

BMW recently announced a “Dynamic Edition” 3-series exclusively for the South African market. It will be a limited run 3-series and only 300 units will be produced. Three colors will be offered – Blue Water Metallic, Alpine White, and Space Gray. BMW Performance Carbon Fiber parts will be used extensively to compliment dark chrome wheels and tailpipes. The interior will be adorned with Blue Shadow Cloth and alcantara upholstery with royal blue stiching. Special floormats and door sills also come with the Dynamic Edition. Full BMW release below:


Press Release: The new Dynamic Edition of the BMW 3 … CONTINUED

07/28/2010     12:30 PM

BMW is recalling approximately 6,400 2011 5-series in the US (and 12,400 worldwide) to fix the previously reported faulty fuel level sensor. The good news is that the fix should only take half a day and is of course fully covered under warranty.

07/28/2010     7:30 AM

If anyone thinks that the recent C&D M3 win was a fluke, they now have quite a pattern to dispute, as Motortrend has also declared the M3 as the benchmark which the RS5 and CTS-V still falls short of. When it comes to things that matter – performance, passion, pure driver appeal, the M3 still trumps all in its segment!

07/27/2010     9:45 PM

Anders Warming, Head of Exterior Design BMW, provides some great insight into the details and ideas behind the stunning Concept Gran Coupe, pointing out classic BMW design cues, as well as hints towards the future of BMW design.

07/27/2010     5:18 PM

As you would want, BMW is continually testing the upcoming 1-Series (for 2012) ahead of its launch. And as its size implies, the 1-series will be the smallest BMW in the lineup and arguably one of the more sporty ones to drive.

Not only is the extensive testing and engineering period in the run-up to launch day testament to this fact, but BMW themselves have repeatedly hinted to the importance of this model. It is said that going into the future the 1-series and 3-series segments are the ones that will see growth and have been targeted by BMW for just that. Having learned valuable lessons from the freshman 1-series, BMW is surely going to come … CONTINUED

07/27/2010     3:45 PM

The 2011 F10 5-series is available with BMW new Night Vision option, part of BMW ConnectedDrive, allowing F10 owners to see objects in the dark up to 900 feet ahead of the vehicle. This is the first video we have seen of it in action in the F10 and it’s pretty slick.

Info from BMW:

BMW Night Vision, part of BMW ConnectedDrive, can see in the dark and warns the driver of any approaching danger that is located outside of the range of the headlights.

An infrared camera positioned behind the kidneys reveals objects up to 900 feet ahead of the vehicle. Pedestrians and cyclists are identified and … CONTINUED

07/27/2010     12:00 PM

The 17th BMW Art Car by Jeff Koons ran at the recent 24 Hours of Le Mans and a photo contest was commissioned by BMW in which the best photo of the BMW Art Car would earn its photographer a $1,000 prize. The winner is Rick Dole, who managed to take this winning photograph from a helicopter! The judges of the photo contest included Dr. Mario Theissen (directory of BMW Motorsports) and BMW drivers Dirk M

07/27/2010     9:30 AM

Want to hear what 8,750 rpm (redline) in a M3 GT2 ALMS car sounds like? Strap on your headphones and enjoy! Nothing else need be said. But, we warn you – your BMW may sound a bit “understated” after this clip.

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