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Sport Auto: BMW 1M Coupe vs M135i Hockenheim Performance Results
Sport Auto takes the BMW 1M coupe and M135i to the Hockenheim track for a track and performance showdown.
01.7.13 | Comments (72)

BMW M135i Owner Discovers Active Sound - Engine Sound Electronic Boost a la M5
BMW received some jeers over the implementation of "Active Sound" technology in the F10 M5, where the car reproduces and boosts and the car's engine sound electronically via the in-car audio system. And the same technology may now be in use in the M135i ... CONTINUED
01.3.13 | Comments (177)

Video: BMW M135i vs Subaru WRX STI 340R Track Test by Auto Express
Auto Express UK track tests the new BMW M135i versus the Subaru WRX STI 340R. Here's how they compare on paper. BMW M135i: 3 liter inline 6 cylinder 316 hp / 450 Nm torque 0-62 mph (0-100kmh) in 5.1 seconds (manual), 4.9 seconds (automatic) Weight: 3174 lbs Subaru WRX STI 340R: 2.5 ... CONTINUED
01.2.13 | Comments (59)

BMW M2 Coupe Rumors via Car and Driver
Car and Driver reports on some BMW M2 rumors. As reported by Jens Meiners: The M version of the upcoming BMW 2-series coupe and thus the successor of the immensely good 1-series M coupe. Unlike its predecessor—which was rushed through development in record time, known ... CONTINUED
12.26.12 | Comments (107)

BMW 2012 Year In Review Video - Part 1
2012 was a busy year for BMW and saw the company introduce many models. These include the LCI 7 Series, 6 Series Gran Coupe, ActiveHybrid 5, F10 3 Series Sedan, F11 3 Series Touring, M135i hatchback, M Performance Automobiles, M6 Coupe and Convertible, ... CONTINUED
12.24.12 | Comments (32)

Sport Auto Clocks BMW M135i Around Nurburgring in 8:18
We recently reported on the M135i recording a 8:05 bridge to gantry Nurburgring lap, but Sport Auto has now released its official time in the M135i for a full lap on the Nurburgring. Sport Auto has piloted the M135i around the Ring in 8:18. The test ... CONTINUED
12.18.12 | Comments (69)

Breaking Exclusive: 2014 BMW M235i and 2 Series Coupe (F22) Spied!
Following the 2 Series Convertible sightings, we bring you the first ever look at the highly anticipated BMW 2 Series Coupe (F22). Why is it highly anticipated? Many BMW enthusiasts hope that it will hark back to the days of a smaller, lighter, nimbler BMW ... CONTINUED
12.17.12 | Comments (165)

Hot Hatch Drag Race: BMW M135i vs Focus ST, Golf GTI, Astra OPC, Megane 265 RB7
It's shootout time again at CAR and they've got their hands on some hot hatches. In this preview video, they pit the BMW M135i against the Focus ST, Golf GTI, 35 Astra OPC and Renaultsport Megane 265 RB7 in a 1/4 mile drag race. No surprise ... CONTINUED
12.15.12 | Comments (70)

Fastest Christmas Song in the World.  Oh What Fun It Is to Ride in a BMW M135i
BMW presents: The fastest Christmas Song in the World: Send your own Christmas greetings on and watch the making-of on Driving in the M135i by BMW DTM driver Martin Tomczyk
12.14.12 | Comments (47)

BMW M135i Goes from Bridge to Gantry on Nurburgring in 8:05
Watch new BMW M135i (F20) lapping the North Loop of the Nürburgring in 8 minutes and 5 seconds from bridge to gantry. Far from a perfect lap, still nice time. Bone stock, not a press car. Michelin Pilot SuperSport tires, 6 speed manual, driver: Pavel ... CONTINUED
12.10.12 | Comments (45)