05/21/2010     9:31 AM

Humanity has been obsessed with time since the dawn of history. The Egyptians, the Mayans, the Greeks, and thousands of other civilizations throughout human history have strived to measure and understand time. No mineral, artifact, or human creation, nothing is more precious than time. Time does not negotiate; it cannot be purchased, sold, or recovered once its lost. Mankind has accomplished impressive feats, but as each man lives his life, he does so under the looming shadow of passing time. No force is more fearsome than the passing of time itself. INDs latest portfolio project makes this fact abundantly clear. This project was not a battle against limited resources, limited creativity, or limited ability, but rather a fight against time.

Nelson Cambata, our … CONTINUED

05/20/2010     6:00 PM

The press has been out in force with their Alpina B7 reviews this week, following a big press event where various members of the press were given these cars to drive and have fun with.

I really enjoyed this one article in particular by the folks over at InsideLine, here are some select quotes but make sure to follow the jump to the full article


After one stab of the loud pedal, you understand why BMW doesnt bother to make an M version of the 7 Series. The 2011 BMW 750Li Alpina B7 is all the M7 youll ever want, a fire-breathing … CONTINUED

05/20/2010     2:00 PM

Car and Driver has just test driven the 2011 335i with the all new N55 engine and comes back with a favorable impression. In fact, the title of the article states that one of their favorite cars just got a little bit better.

05/20/2010     9:59 AM

The 2011 BMW X3 introduction is imminent folks. BMW has now posted teaser photos of the new X3 on its Dutch site. Shown is the sculpted hood, rear lights, and rear details. Well bring you more as they are posted.

05/20/2010     6:00 AM

In the BMW CEO Norbert Reithofers report (full report below) to shareholders yesterday, the CEO happily reported that the BMW X1 has outsold expectations with 36,000 cars sold since its launch last Fall. The X1 is expected to be available in North America starting sometime next year (2011) and should be available in the xDrive28i gasoline model, powered by the 3.0L 6-cylinder motor making 231-hp and a 199 lb-ft of torque.

Dr. Reithofer: “The BMW X1 has significantly exceeded even our own ambitious expectations: Since its introduction last fall, we have delivered more than 36,000 units to customers,” BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer said that the company’s annual shareholder’s meeting. “Among these customers are plenty of younger people for whom BMW was not … CONTINUED

05/19/2010     3:45 PM

In the BMW CEO Norbert Reithofers report (full report below) to shareholders yesterday, the CEO confirmed the F10 5-series Activehybrid will begin production in 2011 and that BMW also has plans for a 3-series hybrid (presumably with the next generation F30 / F32 3-series).

05/19/2010     1:00 PM

If you haven’t yet seen this commercial, make sure to see inside because it’s a good one. One of the more inspiring 3-series commercial in a while, the spot evokes the storied history of the 3-series, with images from 34 years of 3-series history, and messages that the 3-series “exemplifies the essence of BMW.”

05/19/2010     10:32 AM

Munich. Sun, rain, ice and snow “at the push of a button” – all climate zones of the world in one building in northern Munich. This piques curiosity and provides for optimal conditions for a special type of photo shoot. “I heard you can make weather here.” With this sentence, the two-time Olympic champion Katarina Witt greeted the Manager of Efficient Dynamics at the BMW Group, Dr. Johannes Liebl, during her visit to the BMW Group’s Energy and Environmental Test Centre (ETC). “I’d like to have some sun – I’ve had enough ice and snow this last winter.”

This wish was the test engineers’ command. And so Witt experienced a convertible-car feeling with the summer styling to go with it – headwind and sun. However, the BMW … CONTINUED

05/19/2010     6:00 AM

The Calder car was the first BMW Art Car in a 35-year tradition of turning cars into canvases. In 1975, Hervé Poulain commissioned American artist Alexander Calder (1898-1976) to paint the BMW 3.0 CSL Poulain to drive in the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race. BMW continued this tradition and has sponsored 16 works from artists including Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg. The Calder BMW Art Car will be on display in the lobby of the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art from May 10 to May 21 to coincide with the opening of the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

05/18/2010     4:45 PM

We previously brought you the first real life photos of the official BMW frozen black matte color for the M3, but BMW has now released the first official photos of the frozen black matte color option for the M3 ZCP competition package (including optional BMW accessories carbon fiber splitters & trunk spoiler).

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