05/13/2010     7:00 PM

Enamored with the new BMW M3 GTS? You’re in luck as BMW has now released the technical specifications and training manual (German only unfortunately) of the BMW M3 GTS for you to pour over.

05/13/2010     4:00 PM

BMW Canada is set to launch an unorthodox advertising campaign, centered around flirty public bathroom mirror messages. Using a new mirror display technology, ads will appear as patrons approach restroom mirrors. A motion detector senses the patrons movement and sets a sequence of flirty BMW ads in motion, creating a captivating and irresistible communication chain that leaves readers wanting more, or at least thats the theory.

Via: http://www.autoblog.com/2010/05/13/m…ad-campaign-t/

Press release:


Mirror, mirror on the wall…Whos the most innovative of them all?

BMW Canada becomes first car company to flirt with customers … CONTINUED

05/13/2010     12:30 PM

Reviews of the 2011 550i (F10) are now rolling in. Motortrend is one of the first to get some review time in a 550i and they are impressed with the 550i, calling it “better in every way” than previous generation 5-series.

05/13/2010     9:00 AM

BMW is said to be imminently releasing the critical information and photos surrounding the all new X3. And it cant come a moment to soon, although sales of the current X3 have seen an end of life uptick (likely due to the economy) many of us have been anxiously awaiting a new model.

From the spyphotos weve seen of this car so far, the new X3 will not be a drastic departure from the current car but will offer a larger size and a more X5-ish look to the mid-size model. But enough of me, watch the video and look at the new pictures and you be the judge.

Attachment … CONTINUED

05/12/2010     8:38 PM

I run across prototype X series vehicles being tested in the mountains all the time and came across this X3 a few week ago. I outpaced my M5 through 3rd gear numerous times and it was hell to keep up with in the twisties that I know fairly well. Im no slouch with much track time and the M5 has H&R/Koni SAs. I dont know what engine they had in it but it was a bullet.

05/12/2010     7:00 PM

Read inside for a very interesting interview regarding the revised EDC (electronic dampening control) suspension in the new M3 ZCP Competition Package. Some new info is provided by Philipp Wänninger, responsible at BMW M for chassis tests at the axles, steering, suspension, and damping systems and a crucial contributor to the tuning of the new Competition Package for the BMW M3.

05/12/2010     3:47 PM

BMW has just released this great video of the M3 GTS being put through hotlaps on the Nurburgring, with M division test driver Günter Schilling at the helm.

05/12/2010     1:00 PM

E90post member fluidkaos has just recently returned from a nearly 1 month long european delivery where he drove his 335i coupe throughout western and central europe! We’ve seen many ED journals before, but these are some of the best photos we’ve ever seen from an euro delivery trip, so make sure to check it out.

05/12/2010     8:35 AM

The all clear has been given for the launch of the BMW M3 GTS to market. The E92 M3 GTS represents the most powerful and track dedicated version of the M3 coupe, featuring a 450bhp engine and fully revised suspension, chassis, aerodynamics, and interior, all towards the best track experience possible.

05/11/2010     10:00 PM

Richard Aucock provides some interesting details on how the new X5 has more X5M DNA than some might think. For example, systems such as the DTC profile and M-specific xDrive profile have been brought down from the touted X5M into the new standard X5.

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