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Note To Self: Dont leave camouflaged prototypes parked with the engine running next to Central Park in Manhattan. Just a week after a failed car bomb attempt in Times Square, Manhattan is understandably still a bit jittery. An apparent error in judgement by Martin Birkmann, head of product planning for BMW North America, reportedly triggered a bomb scare and the resulting evacuation of several blocks along Central Park West near the American Museum of Natural History this afternoon.

Birkmann was out evaluating a prototype 2011 BMW X3 covered in camouflage when he stopped to enjoy a … CONTINUED

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Other publications have criticized the X6 as being a poor off-roader, but let’s be honest – the X6 and X6M will mostly be used by their owners for highway duties. And for that, Winding Road calls it a high-speed highway missle. Read on.

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A recently deceased Ford engineer will take his love for the M3 convertible to the afterlife. Knowing his love for the car, his kin contracted a mason to produce a life sized granite headstone of an E93 M3 convertible.

So large is the M3-shaped stone that it cost a whopping

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| First Drive | Berkshire, England | BMW M3 with Competition Package |

BMW bundles up some equipment to create a Competition Package for its M3. It brings 10mm lower suspension, a re-programmed Dynamic Stability Control+ setting and new CSL-inspired 19-inch alloy wheels. The real big news is the addition of stop-start to the entire M3 line-up, this improving economy by six percent and reducing emissions from 285g- to 263g/km.

In the Metal

Wheels aside youll not notice any visual differences between a Competition Package equipped car and the standard M3. That means you get a carbon-roofed, bonnet-humped coup

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Hamann has completed its work on the 5-Series GT and involves an impressive list of exterior and dynamic changes.

Their kit includes first and foremost a lowering kit for the models 530d, 535i and 550i (including air suspension).

The product range also includes a front spoiler to be mounted on the standard front spoiler of the series, side skirts and a rear spoiler in a ""subtle" or "striking" design. Both provide reduced lift force at the rear axle and thus considerably improve the driving dynamics. A new rear apron makes room for the HAMANN mufflers. The muffler system itself is composed of four stainless steel exhaust pipes measuring a massive 90 mm.

Under the … CONTINUED

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Autoexpress test drives the M3 ZCP Competition Package model and comes away calling it the ultimate M3 experience. The reviewer also considers the M3 ZCP against the Audi RS5. See inside for his verdict.

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Extolling the virtues of station wagons is something we at C/D love to do; after all, they combine sedan-like driving dynamics and fuel efficiency with increased utility. But we have to face the reality that the wagon is as endangered in the United States as its ever been, and our raves likely serve as eulogies more than anything else.

Dynamically, the wagon is every bit as rewarding to drive as the sedan. Both feel solid and display the same great body control and harmony among the primary controls. The steering, handling, and ride feel exactly as good as a 328i … CONTINUED

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For BMW fans in North America, there is now an alternative to the European Delivery experience in Munich. BMW has now launched “The BMW Experience” in Spartanburg, SC. Combining BMW’s resources along Highway 101 in Spartanburg, SC: The BMW Performance Center, The BMW Zentrum, as well as, BMW’s Manufacturing Plant, “The Ultimate BMW Experience” extends the ability to offer a more customizable, personal approach to all visitors and will become a destination for many enthusiasts and will give BMW a forum to tell BMW’s story in the US.

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This has been a big week for the BMW 328! Now it seems that a classic modified version of the car has sold at auction for an undisclosed amount that is north of 5.5 million dollars. Nice!

05/07/2010     1:00 AM

This is a great story with some excellent videos to go with it, so make sure to read the full article @Jalopnik ( http://jalopnik.com/5532676/ )


Heston Blumenthal, the mad scientist of contemporary British cuisine, cooks with liquid nitrogen and serves food with built-in iPods. Hes also got a thing for M5s

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