04/29/2010     9:51 AM

Well it has been a LONG hiatus for BMW from the DTM series, in fact they havent raced since 1992. Many of us remember the fun times watching the hectic DTM series and BMWs have been very competitive in the series in the past. Luckily, in the wake of BMWs pull out from F1 whispers were flying around that BMW would turn its attention to the DTM series and now it seems to have come true.

What are BMWs plans? Well they are working with the governing ITR body to make sure their car is not only ready to go for the 2012 season but is a competitive car at that time.

For now, BMW stays commited … CONTINUED

04/29/2010     9:05 AM

Now that the regular F10 5-series has been revealed, everyone’s attention has turned to the highly anticipated F10 M5, including resident photoshopper expert Alpine325ci who takes this latest crack at the new M5.

04/29/2010     1:10 AM

Here are a few excerpts from the article


We suppose its downright impossible to discuss the 550i GT without first mentioning its shape. In a word, awkward. To add one more word, really awkward. The front end happily employs BMWs latest design direction, with mega-nostrils dwarfing the Roundel and the newest version of their patented angel eyes.


Thankfully, the inside is a completely different story. Unlike the divisive exterior, BMW has done a first rate job designing and appointing the 550i GTs interior.… CONTINUED

04/28/2010     9:00 AM

Upon M3post member’s KonigsTiger’s request, Racing Dynamics/RDSport developed a specialized program called “Servizio Clienti Sportivo” (Racing Client Service). The goal was to create as much of a track performer as possible from the stock M3 by reducing weight and increasing power with an NA engine yet retaining some of the daily amenities. Here is the finished product and owner reaction.

04/27/2010     11:55 PM

Munich. ESA astronaut and ISS Commander Frank De Winne of Belgium paid a visit to the BMW Group in Munich along with his two colleagues Robert Thirsk (Canada) and Roman Romanenko (Russia). The astronauts, normally accustomed to navigating the cosmos in a spaceship, yesterday had an opportunity to learn about the design, innovations and sheer driving pleasure of BMW cars.

At BMW Welt, the tech-savvy ISS crew were particularly intrigued by the exhibition on mobility issues of the future and fuel-saving measures in the current BMW range. "As an astronaut Im always interested in cutting-edge and future-proof solutions that get me where I want to go both personally and professionally. I can see the same zeal here as well," said De Winne.… CONTINUED

04/27/2010     4:00 PM

World Premier in Beijing: The BMW Concept Gran CoupeNew BMW Design concept aimed at giving direction to future BMW design trends in the midsize and premium markets
The underlying theme is the most sporty and elegant high performance 4-door on the market
Flat and coupe like proportions
Over 16 feet long (5 meters)
4.6 ft tall (1.4 meters) [this is 3" lower then a 5 series]
Frameless Windows
LED Detailing

Attachment 376505 Attachment 376506 Attachment 376507 Attachment 376508

Press Release … CONTINUED

04/27/2010     12:00 PM

Our friends over at BimmerFile have put their sDrive35is review online, although its lacking in photos (as they were given a pre-production car to try out), it is a nice writeup on the car.

Heres a quick excerpt:


The Z4 35i I reviewed last year was about as perfect as a BMW has ever been. However, (and its a big however) there were a couple issues that were hard to ignore.

Enter the Z4 35is. In what has to be the most aggressive application of the "is" modifications to date, BMW has re-energized the Z4 as a car … CONTINUED

04/27/2010     8:00 AM

The 2011 BMW M5 was named in the recent C&D issue as one of 25 Cars Worth Waiting For in 2011-2014. No new details or rumors here, but there is a new rendering, and a neat “Anticipation Level” chart, which the new M5 nearly tops.

04/26/2010     2:30 PM

The U.S. release date for the F10 5-series is set for June 19, 2010, the date on which U.S. customers will be able to take delivery of their 2011 5-series. Unfortunately for our 5POST members who already have cars in transit from Germany, this also means that their cars will already be on U.S. soil, but wont be released until June 19th. Tune in on that date as we should see a flood of 5POST members taking delivery!

For all you owners who will have their F10s delivered prior to this date, fret not, your cars will be well protected at processing center. This is an older report, but check out what happens to your car while waiting for delivery: … CONTINUED

04/26/2010     11:00 AM

According to BMW insider SCOTT26, the Gran Coupe has already been approved for production, with a standard model available for completion in a short time frame. But, the fully working concept version (the one in Beijing has no interior or mechanicals) will not debut until the Paris Autoshow. The final Gran Coupe concept car will feature innovative interior design and materials, with use of glass, copper, stone, and wood.

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