04/30/2010     10:00 AM

Back in September, while the Speedhunters team was at Road Atlanta covering the Petit Le Mans, we heard whispers of a place that is filled with old BMWs. Hearing of such things sparked our interests, so we investigated and found that there was a BMW graveyard not too far from the track of Road Atlanta itself! There was no debating, we had to go and check it out.

As enthusiasts, we personify cars as much as we can. Some of us give our cars names. A great many of us lust after cars like we would lust after a beautiful woman. We some all somehow make an emotional connection to these lumps of steel, aluminum, plastic and rubber as we would a best friend … CONTINUED

04/30/2010     8:39 AM

XBimmers member scottjays picked up his 2011 X6 50i and as far as we know hes the first person to pick up a 2011 on the site yet! Whats more he did a performance center delivery with the car and shares his opinion of the experience with us. Take a look!

04/29/2010     11:55 PM

In the USA, we still have to wait a few months before owners get their hands on the new 5, but luckily in Europe owners are checking in with their brand new cars. This is a beautiful Alpine White example. Congrats!

04/29/2010     7:30 PM

Just check this out! I want this in my new F 10! Does anyone know after which production year this technology will be an option for our cars?

Follow the link below and enjoy!

04/29/2010     12:00 PM

I can’t get enough of the sight and the intense sounds of this car. Make sure to check out our complete BMW M1 coverage here: http://www.bimmerpost.com/m1/

04/29/2010     10:40 AM

The title really says it all. I think everyone of us here appreciates the hard work Jon Sibal puts into his renders for the community and its sad to see his work being ripped off without credit being due. To his credit, Jon has kept a professional demeanor and is only asking for the just credit he is due!

04/29/2010     9:51 AM

Well it has been a LONG hiatus for BMW from the DTM series, in fact they havent raced since 1992. Many of us remember the fun times watching the hectic DTM series and BMWs have been very competitive in the series in the past. Luckily, in the wake of BMWs pull out from F1 whispers were flying around that BMW would turn its attention to the DTM series and now it seems to have come true.

What are BMWs plans? Well they are working with the governing ITR body to make sure their car is not only ready to go for the 2012 season but is a competitive car at that time.

For now, BMW stays commited … CONTINUED

04/29/2010     9:05 AM

Now that the regular F10 5-series has been revealed, everyone’s attention has turned to the highly anticipated F10 M5, including resident photoshopper expert Alpine325ci who takes this latest crack at the new M5.

04/29/2010     1:10 AM

Here are a few excerpts from the article


We suppose its downright impossible to discuss the 550i GT without first mentioning its shape. In a word, awkward. To add one more word, really awkward. The front end happily employs BMWs latest design direction, with mega-nostrils dwarfing the Roundel and the newest version of their patented angel eyes.


Thankfully, the inside is a completely different story. Unlike the divisive exterior, BMW has done a first rate job designing and appointing the 550i GTs interior.… CONTINUED

04/28/2010     9:00 AM

Upon M3post member’s KonigsTiger’s request, Racing Dynamics/RDSport developed a specialized program called “Servizio Clienti Sportivo” (Racing Client Service). The goal was to create as much of a track performer as possible from the stock M3 by reducing weight and increasing power with an NA engine yet retaining some of the daily amenities. Here is the finished product and owner reaction.

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