04/24/2010     11:54 PM

Here is video coverage of the new BMWs being shown off at Auto China including the LCI 3-series coupe/convertable, LCI X5, Concept ActiveE, Concept Vision EfficientDynamics, 5-Series LWB and of course the newly introduced BMW Concept Gran Coupe

04/24/2010     12:00 PM

I vinyl wrapped my car flat black. This was just a random project i decided to pull the trigger on…. I had no experience whatsoever on vinyling anything. I just watched a few vids on youtube and got some advice from friends who do vinyl stickers. Heres a few pics of the process and outcome…

Hate it, Love it…It was my first time… it took me 1 week and a day to complete….did a panel a day after work =)

oh, and for the record… I didnt pay over $3000 bucks that most people pay to vinyl their car….

I paid about $120 for all materials… and i did all the work myself, with some help from … CONTINUED

04/23/2010     5:25 PM

Here are the first live photos of the BMW Gran Coupe Concept from the Beijing unveiling. The concept is reportedly already green lighted for production and will become the 6-series Gran Coupe, a low slung 4-door “coupe” to take on the likes of the Mercedes CLS and Audi A7.

04/23/2010     5:00 PM

We’ve been given some very strong hints that the front and rear design of the just unveiled stunning BMW Gran Coupe Concept signals the design of the upcoming F12 6-series coupe. Our resident photoshop guru Gerald Alvarez has wasted no time in rendering a 6-series coupe based on this knowledge.

04/23/2010     9:01 AM

BMW insider has revealed that the BMW Concept Gran Coupe has already been approved for production as the 6-series Gran Coupe. The new 6-series line will thus have 3 variants – the coupe, Gran Coupe, and convertible. A shooting brake model concept has also been built for evaluation. The BMW Concept Gran Coupe will make its debut at the 2010 Paris auto show.

04/23/2010     7:45 AM

BMW has just revealed the BMW Concept Gran Coupe at the Beijing Auto Show. It’s a stunning, sleek low slung 4-door sports coupe ready to take on the likes of the Mercedes CLS, Porsche Panamera and upcoming Audi A7. The Gran Coupe concept will debut at the 2010 Paris autoshow. Full details and photos inside!

04/22/2010     9:10 PM

This homebrew video was just sent to me via twitter and I have to give credit where credit is due, really amazing work!! http://twitter.com/drivingline

04/22/2010     7:30 PM

We previously reported on jpsimon’s turbo upgrade on his 335′s N54 motor. The upgrade to larger compressor and clipped turbine wheel is now complete and the performance increases have been documented. The peak gains were an impressive 40awhp/50awtq on pump gas. Full details and dyno inside.

04/22/2010     5:15 PM

Here is Autoexpress’ latest interpretation of what the 2012 F30 3-series will resemble. They believe that it will be a mix of influences from the CS Concept and 5-series. What do you think of this look?

04/22/2010     3:45 PM

BMW has announced that its all-electric “Megacity Vehicle” line will launc in 2013. This line of vehicles was designed from the ground up to be fully electric vehicles and will be significantly lighter than conventional cars with heavy use of carbon fiber. It will be a zero-emission urban car for the world’s metropolitan regions. It is currently being developed as part of project i and will be available from 2013 under a sub-brand of BMW.

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