03/27/2010     11:00 AM

We were sent this video through YouTube by paul08091986 who caught these stunning beauties undergoing track testing. He even got closeups of the car in 720p. Enjoy!

03/27/2010     9:00 AM

Here a few updates to our running BMW Alpina B7 wallpaper and photos thread. We’ve updated it with photos of the soon to be released all-wheel drive version of the B7, dubbed officially the BMW Alpina B7 xDrive

03/26/2010     6:10 PM

Seems that the tuners are easing their way into modifying the F10 5-series. Weve just seen AC Schnitzer put some of its wheels on the F10 and now its Hamanns turn. The full Hamann F10 tuning program is undoubtedly already underway, so stay tuned.

Attachment 363375

Attachment 363376

Attachment 363377

Attachment 363378

Attachment 363379

Attachment 363380

Attachment 363381

Attachment 363382

03/26/2010     5:04 PM

New trademarks registered by BMW gives some insight into new model lineups that will eventually be added to BMW’s offerings. The new names include: i1, i2, i3, i4, i5, i6, i7, i8, i9, E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6, E7, E8, E9, M50d, Urbanic, Gran Coupe, Compactive, and Compactive Tourer.

The “i” lineup of cars could very well be used to designate the sub-compact electric megacity vehicle we’ve been hearing about for a while. The “E” lineup of cars could possibly be used to designate electric versions of current BMW models. “M50d” is speculated to refer to a tri-turbo diesel. “Urbanic” could be a new trim level associated with the megacity vehicles. And “Compactive and “Compactive Tourer” could be applied to wagons based on the 1- and … CONTINUED

03/26/2010     1:33 PM

Michael Essa, of Tech Trix Motorsports, and GSR Autorsports have teamed up to build and campaign a fully built 335i to run in the 2010 Formula Drift series. It will be powered by the 500hp V10 M5 engine! Check out their “The Office” like videos documenting their Formula D BMW 335i build.

03/26/2010     10:00 AM

BMW continues its BMW X3 tease while conducting final testing stages on the 2011 BMW X3, which will likely receive its world debut at the 2010 Paris motorshow this fall. Bigger more comfortable than the first gen X3 it’s replacing, the 2011 X3 will move slightly upmarket while the X1 slots in under it.

03/26/2010     12:58 AM

March 25, 2010

25 Years of BMW (Forschung und) Technik GmbH

Innovative force entails future capability. The BMW Group owes its status as the worlds most successful manufacturer of premium automobiles to an outstanding development concept in all areas relevant to driving pleasure, sustainability and safety. The principles of this pre-eminence have been forged over the last quarter of a century in BMW (Forschung und) Technik GmbH. The researchers operating within the framework of this think tank develop technologies and concepts for individual mobility in tomorrows world. The subsidiary was created 25 years ago as BMW Technik GmbH. With this company the BMW Group has a centre of competence that is unique throughout the world. It safeguards and expands technology … CONTINUED

03/25/2010     5:03 PM

With the imminent launch of the F10 5-series in the U.S. now that the U.S. options and pricing have been revealed, many of you may be optioning out your future F10. With that in mind, we have created official color photo threads for the F10 5-series colors so that they may aid you in deciding on a color for your future 5-series. See all threads inside.

03/25/2010     5:00 PM

Here is the first video of the Z4 GT3 running laps at the VLN Einstellfahrten 2010. The BMW Z4 GT3 is powered by a four-litre, eight-cylinder engine producing approximately 480 bhp and it sounds its soundtrack reflects every bit of those horsepowers!

03/25/2010     9:12 AM

2011 F10 5-series pricing has finally been announced! The 2011 535i and 2011 550i retail pricing will start at $50,475 and $60,575 respectively ($875 destination charge included). The 535i receives BMW’s newest 3.0-liter twin-scroll turbocharged inline, while the 550i will be powered by BMW’s reverse-flow 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8. Both will feature the new 8-speed automatic transmission.

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