03/03/2010     10:00 PM

The long-wheelbase-version of the F10 5-series has just been spotted in Sweden. Approximately 12 inches longer than the standard F10 5-series sedan, the LWB 5-series will approach 7-series length. It will be produced in China only for the Chinese (and possibly also Middle East) market.

The extra length is in the rear doors, which lends itself to a roomier passenger compartment. The LWB F10 5-series is expected to bow at the 2010 Beijing Motor Show.

Attachment 354800

Attachment 354801

Attachment 354802

Attachment 354803

Attachment 354804

Attachment 354805

03/03/2010     7:44 PM

Still photos are great, but nothing gives a better impression than walking around a car and seeing it in person. We’ve brought this to your desktop with a video walk-around of the M3 ZCP Competition package model now at the Geneva Motor Show. Enjoy.

03/03/2010     1:00 PM

The 2011 F10 5-series microsite is now available on BMWUSA.com for the upoming American market F10 5-series. While the F10 configurator is not yet available, the microsite provides plenty of exploration and eye candy. Check it out!

03/03/2010     3:58 AM

The M3 ZCP Competition model has been spotted at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show! This Monte Carlo M3 ZCP looks stunning in the dark room with dramatic overhead lighting, room soundtrack, and wall graphics.

03/02/2010     11:52 PM

Things are looking up this year for the BMW Group in the U.S. as overall car sales improved 13.7% over February of last year. The increase was driven mostly by very large increases in sales of the X5 and the X6. In the large premium sedan segment, the BMW 7 Series has led the category for the last two months.

03/02/2010     7:00 PM

Hamann has debuted its “Tycoon” X6M at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. the Tycoon is a 670hp/737lb-ft torque monster (+123hp / 236tq over factory), and it looks like it. The ECU has been reflashed and paired with an exhaust system. While some may not like the radical look, this is undeniably a car which gets some attention.

03/02/2010     12:00 PM

Unexpected debuts have been rare so far at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, but one car which we didnt expect to see was a new Alpina B3 based on the LCI (facelifted) E92 coupe. Power has been bumped up to 400hp / 397lb-ft tq and the car has been fitted with some beautiful aero parts and a stunning interior. Check out the B3 S and the other Alpinas present inside.

Attachment 354309

Attachment 354310

Attachment 354311

Attachment 354312

Attachment 354313

Attachment 354314

Attachment 354315

Attachment 354316

Attachment 354317

Attachment 354318

Attachment 354319

Attachment 354320

Attachment 354321

03/02/2010     8:59 AM

Before this morning’s BMW Press Conference came and went, we had already accepted the sad fact that no BMW M1 concept would be making a surprise appearance. So why no M1 appearance? If a certain insider is to be believed, it’s because a higher-up at BMW recently drove and was disappointed by the M1 prototype, and has requested changes which the M1 concept is currently undergoing. Another reason is supposedly that BMW wishes to concentrate its marketing on products coming to market sooner than the M1 would.

03/01/2010     11:59 PM

The 2011 LCI (facelifted) X5 was officially announced by BMW just a month ago and it is not making its live world debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.

You can find official wallpapers, videos, and technical data in our Official 2011 X5 Thread.

03/01/2010     8:00 PM

The world wide premiere of the F10 5-series ActiveHybrid concept is not until the official BMW Press Conference tomorrow, but we bring you photos today of BMW’s newest hybrid concept. As you can see by the scene, the 5-series hybrid is a main part of a presentation that will be held by Dr. Reithofer, which will stress BMW’s EfficientDynamics concept.

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