02/25/2010     6:00 PM

E90post member jpsimon has undertaken an N54 turbo upgrade with the help of TiAL Sport & EPL. The upgrade will be made on a set of stock turbos, which will be fitted with a bigger compressor and clipped turbine wheel. jpsimon will be documenting and providing updates on the install process, so tune in and subscribe!

02/25/2010     4:00 PM

Nothing new in these pictures compared to the already seen F30 spy photos, but new photos always means new angles and perspectives, so we thought we’d post these up.

02/25/2010     11:59 AM

Here are the first official photos of the F10 5-series hybrid which will be making its world debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show in just a few days! Photos courtesy of Auto Motor und Sport.

02/25/2010     9:20 AM

Here are the photos alot of people have been waiting for. Forget the small little teaser, we are the first to get you these large official wallpapers of the car from every angle. Enjoy! If you are looking for the non-sport wallpapers and videos make sure to visit our official LCI thread.


02/24/2010     9:00 PM

It seems that almost all prototypes for upcoming BMW models are currently somewhere in frozen northern Scandinavia conducting cold winter testing, and that includes the upcoming BMW F10 M5. Spotted here is the F10 M5 in Northern Sweden, testing its winter handling abilities.

02/24/2010     6:00 PM

G-Powers creations are never short on power and its latest production, the "Storm," a 760i with 725hp (@5500rpm) and 738lb-ft torque (@2000rpm) certainly does not buck that trend! G-Power was to achieve these monster numbers by boosting the 6.0L V12 bi-turbos boost to .9 bar, adding larger injection valves, custom tuning the ECU, and replacing the factory exhaust system. The Storm is claimed to be capable of 0-62mph in 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 215mph!

The 760is 8 speed auto transmission has also been modified to deal with the massive increase in torque. The suspension rides on sportier replacements and lowers the ride height by 1.2 inches.

Exterior modifications include a full G-power aero kit … CONTINUED

02/24/2010     3:19 PM

Here are the first photos of an F10 5-series sedan right alongside the F11 5-series touring. As one can see, besides the difference in roofline and the rear design, the F11 touring retains the F10s beautiful lines and design features.

Attachment 352546

Attachment 352547

Attachment 352548

Attachment 352549

Attachment 352550

Attachment 352551

02/24/2010     11:36 AM

What you are seeing here is the clearest teaser yet of the BMW M1 concept which is widely speculated to be making its debut at the 2010 Geneva auto show in just over a week’s time. Wide rear fenders appear on the M1 concept, as well what could be a vent or diffuser behind the rear fenders.

02/23/2010     10:00 PM

As of the end of last year, BMW Motorsport made available the BMW Z4 GT3 (powered by the M3′s V8) to private teams. Seen here in photos by Jon Sibal is the first E89 Z4 GT3 to be fielded by a race team —
Schubert Motorsport. The stunning Z4 racer is doing runs at the Paul Ricard High Test Track in France.

02/23/2010     6:00 PM

Members from the Shanghai M Club gathered for a meet and track day earlier this month. Check out the groupshots of M3′s spanning the entire width of the highways and the video of their track experience!

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