01/26/2010     8:30 AM

Motor Trend magazine has embarked on an exploration of what its like to live with a Diesel powered car in the USA. One of their long term road test cars happens to be a beautiful montego blue 335d sedan. In the article, they document their 1300mile experience with the car. Its just a start, but I hope to read more about the car and what everyday life with it in the US will be like.

Some quotes from the article


Does a diesel make sense in Americas wide open spaces? You bet. So much so that Im still struggling … CONTINUED

01/26/2010     6:00 AM

The BMW X5 has been named by CAP as the luxury used car of the decade. The residual value and whole life costs experts praised the X5 for setting a new benchmark and taking the 4×4 from the field and putting it on the motorway, but most of all making it feel like it has always belonged there. It was the effortless usability, faultless build quality and strong influence on the marketplace that wooed the judges.

Mike Hind, CAP Communications Manager, said: "For the used car buyer who does need a workhorse, with towing power and room for the whole familys holiday load, the 2000

01/25/2010     9:06 PM

We’ve added a video review done in Portugal by the people over at Autospies. Its a high quality review in which they boldly claim that the car is nearly as good as the venerated M3. We have to agree with AutoSpies in that the bar has been lifted further by BMW with the 335is. Watch and form your opinion

01/25/2010     4:20 PM

Auto news blog Jalopnik is teaming up with Microsoft (Turn 10 Studios) to develop a new add-on pack for Forza Motorsports 3.

Jalopnik has made a list of 120 cars, which they are asking readers to vote on. The top 15 will make the final selection list and then 9 of those 15 will be included in the add-on pack.

Vote here: http://jalopnik.com/5455862/jalopnik…-new-car-packs

Which BMWs are included in their list of 120 to vote on? Impressive ones for sure:

1959 BMW 507

Attachment 343920

1987 BMW M5 E28

Attachment 343921

1999 BMW M5 E39

01/25/2010     3:36 PM

The felas over at kilometer magazine had a chance to sit down with Adrian van Hooydonk (aka AvH) and have published their interview. Here are some excerpts from the interview:


I think so, yes. But let me say that we didnt aim to be controversial; we aimed to make a change. When we started that change ten years ago – rather when Chris Bangle initiated that change ten years ago – our brand was doing well, but we knew that we were going to expand the model lineup dramatically.


01/25/2010     2:30 PM

Popular science magazine has posted up its most advanced for 2009. In the category of most advanced luxury sedan, our very own 750i/Li has come out on top!


The 2009 BMW750i and its larger brother, the 750Li, exemplify the latest trends in automotive technology. First, theres the smaller, more efficient engine; a twin-turbocharged V8 spools up to 400 horsepower, making the new 7 faster than the outgoing V12-powered model. Inside, the ridiculously spacious sedan is loaded. The High-Beam Assist monitors approaching cars, automatically dims the brights, and switches them back on the instant the car passes. Infrared Night Vision detects pedestrians in your path … CONTINUED

01/25/2010     1:20 PM

Team Moore Racing has announced that it has signed Junior Strous (JuniorM3) to drive its number 2 Xtreme Coil Drilling – Shell car for the 2010 season. The 23 year-old Dutchman will drive for TMR in his second season in the Firestone Indy Light Series as part of the Shell Driver Development Program.

His first season in Indy Lights included only five starts, but an impressive two wins. A veteran of the Atlantic Championship, Strous has been a successful driver since his childhood karting days. In fact, Strous has won championships in multiple auto racing disciplines: Sprint, Regular and Endurance Racing, Drifting, and Rally. His impressive resume includes 177 race starts, 48 wins, 60 podiums, 45 pole positions, and 45 fastest laps.

01/25/2010     11:58 AM

BMW X6M and X5M Snow Fun. Part 1 – Extreme Drifting

BMW X6M and X5M Snow Fun. Part 2 – Hill Riding

BMW X6M and X5M Snow Fun. Part 3 – Ice Wheelspin

As a counterpoint to Clarksons recent review of the X6, BMW shows us that the X5 M and X6 M can have fun in the snow too. Two BMW professional driving instructors talk us through their snow experience with the X cars.

Make sure to watch these videos in HD!

01/25/2010     10:08 AM

Spyshots.nl does it again! The, soon to be a reality, LCI (facelift) of the X5 has taken the track up north for cold weather testing. This is likely the final round of testing as the car is expected to be revealed on the internet after the conclusion of the Geneva show with its official autoshow presentation in the spring of 2010.

As you can see from the photos, the changes them selves are subtle but have just the right effect of keeping the car looking fresh and sporty. The major changes are to the bumper which bring the look more in line with the X6, while retaining a unique look compared to the X6. Silver slats are … CONTINUED

01/25/2010     9:00 AM

Admist the recent flurry of F10 5-series reviews its nice to see the car from a different perspective. In this case, the perspective is as simple as a color change. Given that Alpine White is one of the more popular colors for BMWs in the USA, we will be very likely to see this color combination ALOT, and its nice to see the F10 wear this color so well.

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