01/08/2010     8:56 AM

The sister publication of Autobild "Allrad" has a new Huckfeldt interpretation of the forthcoming BMW X3 Sport Activity Vehicle. As of all the publications who have created illustrations of the X3 , This interpretation stands out as the closest to the production car which this time around will be built at BMWs Spartanburg plant in South Carolina.

Taking as many of the characteristics from the E83 and refining them such as the rising glasshouse towards the rear of the car coincides with a sloping coupe like roof at the rear quarter this brings the X3s characteristic rear quarter light a better resolved solution allowing it to be smaller and more shapely. The visual appeareance of the car adds more muscle to … CONTINUED

01/08/2010     1:00 AM

C&D recently conducted its 2009 Lightning Lap Test where the BMW M3 once again proved itself as one of the best performing cars available today, besting out most of the other mainstream performance cars participating in the test. Here is a list of the results:

1. Corvette ZR1, (2:51.8)

2. KTM X – Bow, (2:52.3)

3. Lamborghine LP670, (2:53.9)

4. Ariel Atom 3 (2:57.6)

5. Corvette Grand Sport (2:58.8)

6. Audi R8, 5.2 (2:59.5)

7. Lotus Exiqe S 260 (3:05.0)

8. BMW M3 (3:05.4)

9. Porsche Cayman S (3:05.8)

10. Porsche Carrera S (3:05.8)

11. Jaguar XKR (3:06.4)

12. Ford Shelby GT500 (3:07.4)

13. Audi TTS (3:08.4)… CONTINUED

01/07/2010     7:00 PM

Now that the BMW M1 has been confirmed, the natural next question would be: What’s on everyone’s M1 wishlist (performance, features, options)? Come share your list.

01/07/2010     1:42 PM

We believe this to be an F30 3-series in testing, though Autocar claims it as a F30 body on top of the future 3-series GT’s mechanicals. According to them:

01/07/2010     11:54 AM

First 2011 5-series spotted in Milano Beige, a color not usually very eye catching, except that it sits on the F10s beautiful sheet metal.

01/07/2010     7:00 AM

This eye catching Lumma CLR X650 was recently spotted in Paris traveling with a caravan of exotics, including a white AMG Black Series and Bugatti Veyron. From Autogespot

You can see a flat black version of the X650 here and white version here.

Attachment 339577

Attachment 339578

Attachment 339579

Attachment 339580

Attachment 339581

01/06/2010     11:42 AM

Autocar reports that the BMW M1 has been green lighted! Sales will begin mid-2011 and it will be powered by a turbocharged straight six motor estimated to produce around 350hp.

01/06/2010     7:00 AM

Here is the first tuner modified X1 we have seen and we’re impressed by look of the body color matched lower body panels, lowered suspension, and 20″ wheels.

01/05/2010     8:01 PM

To sum up there were as expected year on year declines in sales because of overall low volumes in 2009, but December itself continues on a trend of a sales recovery. We hope this trend continues in 2010! We know BMW has the best products out there right now..

Here is the official press release below


BMW brand sales up 11.5 percent; MINI sales decreased 2.2 percent; MINI achieved second best year ever since launch in the US in 2002

Woodcliff Lake, NJ

01/05/2010     2:45 PM

These are the best photos and video of a black F10 2011 5-series yet. These final prototype F10s are being driven by BMW employees as part of the final testing and evaluation process.

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