12/21/2009     2:30 PM

BMW Group Designworks USA and Thermaltake have collaborated to produce this amazing industrial design style computer case named “Level 10″. It’s billed as the the culmination of performance, design and innovation in computer chassis.

12/21/2009     12:45 PM

Crazy F01 7-series owner handling his new 7-series in ways you have never seen an F01 being driven! Bimmerpost does not condone this type of driving in any way.

12/21/2009     2:00 AM

Roadflys Charlie Romero does a nice review of the E89 Z4 in the Los Padres mountains

12/20/2009     8:30 PM

Just came across a new set of wallpapers and thought i’d share them!

12/19/2009     9:30 PM

BMW Motorsport has announced the Z4 GT3, featuring the M3′s V8 engine, bumped up to 480hp!

12/19/2009     2:23 PM

German and Russian tuning houses are joining efforts to create bodykit and tuning packages for the F10 5-series. Full set of renderings inside. TopCar and Cardi are the russian tuners and Lumma Design is the german tuner. Their renderings show an aggressive front end package including a new front bumper aggressively sculpted with huge air inlets, carbon fiber front lip, LED lighting and honeycomb grill.

One version of the kit also features super wide wheel fenders and aggressive side skirts. The rear features a carbon fiber rear trunk spoiler, together with carbon fiber rear diffuser, quad exhaust pipes. Two types of wheel options will be available.

This custom F10 5-series is expected to debut in April … CONTINUED

12/18/2009     9:55 PM

The F10 5-series is now available for online configuration on the bmw.de German website! Spec out your F10 and see it in all possible color combinations (interior and exterior).

12/18/2009     2:55 PM

The official catalog for the F10 5-series is now available, which lists all standard and optional equipment, as well as some eye candy photos. Excellent reading for the weekend!

12/18/2009     12:30 PM

Automobile Mag picks its 10 favorite new cars, including the 335d, which it says is the most important car this year to get lost in the crowd.


BMW 335d | Our kind of fuel sipper.

By Ezra Dyer

Can we have a bit of fanfare, please? The BMW 335d is the most important car this year to get lost in the crowd. While the 335i and the M3 always show up in comparison tests, the 335d is an outlier – because, really, what would you compare it with? Theres no other car that combines performance and fuel economy at this level. Sure, there are many cars that do 0 to 60 mph … CONTINUED

12/18/2009     10:15 AM

Happy holidays everyone. Make your own X-mas card online courtesy of BMW AG

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