12/29/2009     12:30 PM

2011 5-series sightings continue throughout Germany as this Sophisto Gray F10 was just spotted in Dingolfing. Spottings will no doubt continue until the F10 5-series official public debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show next March. Pics courtesy of bimmertoday

Attachment 337548

Attachment 337549

12/28/2009     6:30 PM

5POST members are beginning to take delivery of their 5-series GTs, with a 550GT and a 530d GT reported just today. Congrats to the owners!

12/28/2009     3:30 PM

Some great detailed photos of the M3 GT4, which runs in an amateur racing series with emphasis on carryover of production parts, reduced running costs, and high reliability. Notable changes to the stock M3 include carbon fiber fuel tank, front brake cooling channels, strut suspension, AP racing brakes, Akrapovic full exhaust.

12/28/2009     11:00 AM

Road and Track magazine always put out great first drive write-ups and I was pleasantly surprised that they got their hands onto an ActiveHybrid X6 to do some road testing on this quick into the game. R&T go over the must know info about the car and give a quick thought on their two bits.

The following are some excerpts


During full electric running, we achieved stints of about a mile in light city traffic before the gas engine would activate. Regardless of engine load or speed, the transition from electric to gas was seamless.


12/27/2009     5:34 PM

Sightings of the 2011 F10 5-series continue on public roads as this black F10 was spotted just recently in Munich, looking great among regular traffic and contrasted against other cars.

12/27/2009     4:00 PM

This X6 M labled “Rensson” was recently spotted on the streets of London. It shows off a new sculpted hood with two inlets and a front bumper with built-in LED lights. The sides get add-on flared arches, allowing for larger and wider wheels, and the rear gets rounded exhaust tips. The blacked out-tinted look finishes off the aggressive styling.

12/26/2009     8:34 AM

From sketch to reality is a long and certainly daunting process for any automaker. And one that is always a bit shrouded by mystery for the average enthusiast. With the 5er GT BMW decided to give everyone some insight into the working behind the scenes at BMW with these multipart videos on the process.

Even if you are not a fan of this car (believe me, it really grows on you ALOT) these videos are worth the watch just too get a glimpse into what goes into the design and development of a BMW.

12/25/2009     11:36 PM

It’s been some time since an M5 spotting, but this test F10 M5 was just spotted testing at the Nordschleife. The new M5 has been confirmed to have a turbocharged V8 as its powerplant.

12/25/2009     10:00 AM

This isn’t Santa’s custom M3 project, but an M3post member’s goal to build the world’s first matte melbourne red M3. Follow the build from its early stages.

12/24/2009     2:35 PM

The BMW M3 “Edition Model” comes only in 4 colors, with none as attention grabbing as this M3 Dakar Yellow Edition Model. Check out the standout exterior and interior details.

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