12/12/2009     2:20 PM

Michael Cooper (the///Mthree) who nearly won Bob Lutz’s CTS-V challenge in his E90 M3 was invited to BMWNA in NJ to be presented with a special experience and gift.

12/12/2009     8:00 AM

Based on sales figures alone, it seems that the BMW X1 is going to be a success story for BMW. Here is a short update to the already massive X1 wallpaper gallery. This time we have photos of the car in Vermillion Red and the popular Deep Sea Blue. Enjoy!

12/11/2009     8:36 PM

Word is officially out. Looks like in the USA we will see a 0.4% base price increase across the board. Also the "Destination and Handling" charge will increase by 50 bucks to $875. This will all take effect January 1, 2010.

The BMW ActiveHybrid X6, BMW ActiveHybrid 7, and the BMW 550i Gran Turismo will actually not be affected since they already had the price change rolled in, but will still get hit by the 50$ destination charge increase.

So if you were on the fence about getting a car, might as well get in on it before getting slapped with the 0.4%.

12/11/2009     5:04 PM

The X6M and X5M already come with prodigious power and aggressive styling but G-Power couldnt resist tweaking some more. The result are "Typhoon" versions of each that boasts 600hp and able to hit speeds of over 300 km/h!

G-POWER X5 M and X6 M TYPHOON with 600 hp and over 300 km/h V/max

The new G-POWER equipment package for the BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M is available! As soon as the two models based on the M-series have been delivered to its first customers, G-POWER already offers an entire refining kit for the BMW X5 M und X6 M an. Availability? Immediately!

Derived from the G-POWER Widebody-Kit TYPHOON, G-POWER … CONTINUED

12/11/2009     11:55 AM

AC Schnitzer re-visited the nardo testing track in Italy and came away with a new world record for a diesel powered car. The new world record stands at 288.7km/h (or 179.4 mph).

AC Schnitzer says the power upgrades made to the record breaking car are actually availble for anyone to purchase as part of their upgrade packages.

Another impressive performance came out of the Z4 based ACS4 3.5turbo based on the sdrive35. Although not a world record, the top speed of 303.1 km/h is very impressive for a roadster!

More information will be forthcoming in Auto Bild magazine.

ACS3 35d and ACS4 35turbo photos CLICK ON … CONTINUED

12/11/2009     8:23 AM

Joining its brethern (the 3-series and 1-series) the next generation X3 has also been caught starting its cold weather testing cycle. It seems X3 development has been slowed down a little (because of the success of the X1 as some rumors have it). As you may remember this X3 has been under development for quite a long time now, far longer then the next 1-Series and 3-Series.

Credits to spyshots.nl for the photos:

12/10/2009     8:50 PM

Studie Japan has always been on the forefront when it comes to BMW tuning. Both Hamann and ACS give them first priority on basically all the newest parts. Here is their version of the AC Schnitzer E89 Z4.

Hood vents have been added while the side fenders have been modified a little.


12/10/2009     1:50 PM

We bring you the first photos of the next generation 3-series (F30) sedan beginning its cold weather testing for the first time! Although the cars body panels are fully covered by camoflage panels and paint scheme, its easy to see the cars proportions and size.

* Note: neither the orange turn signal on the side mirrors nor the front and rear lights are headed for production. The orange turn signal has been there on all recent BMW test mules and the front and rear round lights are there merely for testing purposes. The real headlights and tail lights are completely covered underneath the cladding.

So far, info points to the F30 3-series sedan as making … CONTINUED

12/10/2009     8:55 AM

Thanks to the boys at spyshots.nl as theyve caught the new 1-series out in the cold Scandinavian testing area.

The car continues to be heavily camod but the car is now solidly in the BMW development cycle. As you may remember, the car was previously seen as a mule riding on the current 1-series body, then a camod prototype was seen driving around the streets on Munich. With more development under the cars belt, it has now been moved for cold climate testing.

So far little is known about what the car will ultimatly represent. There have been whispers of thin LEDs and large circular foglights upfront (ala X1). There have … CONTINUED

12/09/2009     4:24 PM

The 2011 model year switchover schedule has been distributed to BMW Military Sales personnel. Details inside.

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