12/17/2009     1:30 PM

The F10 has certainly been making the rounds through the automotive press and AutoExpress was smart enough to take the car into the studio and get these awesome shots of the car in its more pure form. Take a peek!

Attachment 334156

Attachment 334157

Attachment 334158

Attachment 334159

Source: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/front_w….php?id=344392

12/17/2009     1:00 PM

Bill Auberlin, Joey Hand, Boris Said!!! Piloting an M6 for Turner. Oh Dayum! The BMW M6 Rolex GT car will run at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona with the above named "dream team" of BMW factory drivers at the famed racing event this coming January 22-23 (catch it on Speed channel).

Although TMS are a champion road racing organization with wins in the ST and GS classes, they are now bringing an M6 to go after the GT class.


12/17/2009     9:00 AM

BMW X5 M vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, Land Rover Range Rover Sport Supercharged, Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

I have to say, this is one amazing lineup of vehicles for a road test. Hats off to Car and Driver magazine for putting this together! You have to read this road test. Here are some select quotes


Astoundingly quick, period, come to think of it. The slowest of the lot—if slow is the right word—rumbles to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds.



12/17/2009     7:00 AM

The 740i has traditionally been an 8-cylinder variant of the 7-series. But in this age of increasing horsepower and cylinders, BMWs top 7-series has risen up to become the 760i. This has left an opening in not only nomenclature but also in offerings available in the USA.

BMW has now thankfully decided to offer a 6-cylinder variant under the name 740i in the USA.

The idea behing this car is something called "virtual displacement". This is part of BMWs EfficientDynamics program. Whats this mean? Basicly, BMW is offering turbocharging on smaller displacement engines in order to put out similar power to larger displacement engines. This seems to be an ideal fit with the … CONTINUED

12/16/2009     6:35 PM

BMW Concept ActiveE

BMWs vision for the future of the megacity vehicle, dubbed Project-i (Isetta?) comes in the form of this 1-series coupe modified to run on electricity.

For the next major autoshow on schedule, the International Autoshow at Detroit, BMW will bring this car to follow-up the VisionED concept car.

BMW maintains its goals of combining the green energy push with its own motto of "sheer driving pleasure" or "joy". They have aimed to make this car fun to drive, with a good amount of torque and power.

The Engine and Drivetrain

The engine itself is a uniquely derived unit that produced 170hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. … CONTINUED

12/16/2009     3:00 PM

Austrailian magazine CarAdvice reviews the X6M and at the same time previews their full road test. Great pictures of the car in action accompany the short article which is itself a good read:


12/16/2009     10:30 AM

Now that the winter months are upon us it seems appropriate to show off BMWs latest product (the X1) in the snow!

12/16/2009     7:30 AM

I thought this was a very interesting note posted by BimmerFile


With the release of the Z4 35is BMW will be offering only one transmission; the DCT. Our understanding is that the manual 6 speed Z4 (specifically the clutch) cant handle the torque that comes with the engine upgrade in the car.

Read the rest: http://www.bimmerfile.com/2009/12/15…h-the-z4-35is/

12/15/2009     6:57 PM

Ahead of the International Autoshow in Detroit, MINI has released it’s “Beachcomber” concept car. This car is intended to attract attention to the newest car in the MINI lineup, the all new crossover car that has been under development and is to be released at Detroit.

The idea behind this concept is to connect the driver with the outside environment. To this end, they’ve ripped off the doors and roof But if you put those parts back on the car (mentally of course) then what you have is the all new MINI crossover.

12/15/2009     3:30 PM

I sincerely hope this isnt true but Edmunds InsideLine is reporting today that it believes the program is getting some major cuts. Why? BMW is looking to concentrate its engineering resources toward electric and hybrid vehicles. BMWs Hydrogen program has mainly been centered around a highly modified E65 7-Series running on liquid hydrogen fuel.

What is the BMW Hydrogen 7?

BMWs goal in making this car was to produce an alternative fuel vehicle that was not only 100% production ready, but one that still maintained the internal combustion engine. Unlike an electric car, this car still gives you similar power, torque and acceleration characteristics of todays car while running on a fuel supply that has no … CONTINUED

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