11/08/2009     10:59 AM

BMW.tv brings us two tantalizing videos of the M3 GTS in its ideal playground — the track!

11/07/2009     8:42 AM

Hartge has now joined the fray. Hartge, which likes to be known not as a tuner but an auto manufacturer, because of their ability to re-craft cars from the inside out, have now apparently turned their attention to the newest BMW, the 550i, 535i and 530d GT.

Hartge has shod the 5er GT with 22" wheels coupled with a lowering kit (30mm). Small interior touches are also made available, but I expect in the future Hartge will tackle a full engine rework as well as exterior styling kits.

Attachment 323392

Attachment 323393

Attachment 323394

Attachment 323395


11/06/2009     1:50 PM

A highly modified E30 has smashed the USA BMW 1/4 mile record by a half second, with a 9 second run!

11/06/2009     10:26 AM

Jon Sibal peels the camoflage off a recent F10 5 series spy photo to reveal a sleek and beautifully proportioned car underneath.

11/05/2009     9:00 PM

JDM Chicago brings us this great photo coverage of the 2009 SEMA show being held in Las Vegas. Huge set of photos inside.

11/05/2009     3:00 PM

M3post member takes delivery of a limited edition Frozen Gray M3, by BMW individual program. Congrats Checkcaptain!

11/05/2009     7:00 AM

Here comes the new BMW 5 Series. This has got to be the most hotly anticipated new BMW in recent memory. While the current E60 5 Series was a bit of a polarizing car, the BMW top brass has promised this car to be the most beautiful BMW is recent history. What does that mean exactly? The car will likely appeal to all the senses and not carry any distracting or ostentatious design cues that some recent BMWs have had in order to get attention.

The svelte design will be mated to BMWs current generation of engines including the increasing proliferation of turbo technology. The interior has been seen as closely mirroring what is on the … CONTINUED

11/04/2009     10:00 PM

We’ve added new high resolution wallpapers to the M3 GTS gallery thread. Just scroll down to the bottom of the first post and click on the thumbnails to see the full wallpaper sized images

11/04/2009     8:50 PM

Latest details on the 2011 F10 M5, including debut date, V8 turbo engine, transmission, suspension, aerodynamics, and appearance.

11/04/2009     1:30 PM

The M3 GTS (formerly rumored as the GT4 Street) is now an official car. This car is beyond badass; the aero addons and custom paint job underline that fact. Click through and read on about this car, browse the photos and make sure to watch the video to really get the full experience. After all that, start praying that something changes and BMW M brings this car to the USA.

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