10/12/2009     9:01 AM

With work keeping me very busy these days, only now have I had the chance to write up my last road trip from 2 weeks ago. The area surrounding Lancaster, PA is perhaps most famous for its Amish and Mennonite residents. My goal, however, was the usual: fun roads, pretty scenery, and interesting historical sites.

My point of departure was Columbia, PA, which is right on the banks of our old friend the Susquehanna River. This town merits a much lengthier visit, as it is steeped in history. The area was originally the home of the Native American Susquehannocks (whose name apparently means "People of the Muddy River"). John Wright settled here in 1726 and started Wrights Ferry. … CONTINUED

10/11/2009     10:59 AM

As should be no surprise, BMW Research and development is always working on tackling the issues that are coming around the bend.

The Car of the Future…

Light. More specifically, interior lighting. So what? Well, some time ago, BMW had made a conscious effort to improve the interior lighting and give the car an actual ambiance while inside, in the same way a clubs lighting gives the place a certain feel. So far they have made big strides as you can compare the cool non-jarring interior lighting of a BMW to nearly any other car on the market whoose interior lighting is strictly functional. That is of course not to say BMWs scheme is not … CONTINUED

10/10/2009     7:31 PM

In the course of its history, BMW has repeatedly provided impulses for the further development of personal mobility through innovative vehicle and drive concepts. Last years special exhibition Concept Vehicles at the BMW Museum presented a selection of these unusual concepts. Now two more vehicles from the recent past are about to be added to the exhibition. Known as SIMPLE and CLEVER, this brace of concepts goes on show at the Museum on 9th October, bearing eloquent witness to BMWs innovative strength.


10/09/2009     2:45 PM

Last week we posted a video of the M5 on the nubrugring. We now bring you a longer (and clearer sounding) video. Enjoy!

10/09/2009     8:33 AM

This impression rendering is probably a fairly accurate guess of what the E92 coupe facelift will resemble, based on what weve seen from its spyshots.

from http://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de

Attachment 313380

10/08/2009     5:00 PM

On the heels of their X6M test, Insideline proclaims “It’s hard to imagine a more complete high-performance SUV package than the 2010 BMW X5 M.”

10/08/2009     10:58 AM

Looks like both the regular F10 5-series and the F10 M5 have been busy being tested in Germany. Latest pics as of 10/8/09.

10/08/2009     8:37 AM

Here’s another round of F10 5-series sighting, and some fresh pics. Although no less camoflage on this car, the rear lighting elements can be seen clearly, as well as the general shape and lines of the F10′s rear.

10/07/2009     4:35 PM

Incredibly, test mules of the next gen 3-series (F30 / F35) will be spotted perhaps within the next year. So, what’s your wish list for the next 3?

10/07/2009     12:11 PM

InsideLine tests the X6 M and provides their feedback. Check out all the performance #’s they achieve, including a 4.3 second 0-60mph !

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