10/08/2009     5:00 PM

On the heels of their X6M test, Insideline proclaims “It’s hard to imagine a more complete high-performance SUV package than the 2010 BMW X5 M.”

10/08/2009     10:58 AM

Looks like both the regular F10 5-series and the F10 M5 have been busy being tested in Germany. Latest pics as of 10/8/09.

10/08/2009     8:37 AM

Here’s another round of F10 5-series sighting, and some fresh pics. Although no less camoflage on this car, the rear lighting elements can be seen clearly, as well as the general shape and lines of the F10′s rear.

10/07/2009     4:35 PM

Incredibly, test mules of the next gen 3-series (F30 / F35) will be spotted perhaps within the next year. So, what’s your wish list for the next 3?

10/07/2009     12:11 PM

InsideLine tests the X6 M and provides their feedback. Check out all the performance #’s they achieve, including a 4.3 second 0-60mph !

10/06/2009     8:33 PM

The latest issue of Car Magazine has an article about new compact class BMW in the works. It’s known internally as the UKL1 (Untere Kompaktklasse (lower compact class)) and is supposed to target the Audi A1 and Mercedes A-Class. It will be based off the 3rd gen Mini and is said to be coming in 3 variants — 3 door hatch, 5 door hatch, and 2 seat roadster.

Power will come from 3 and 4 cylinder engines.

10/06/2009     7:17 AM

BMW has used its http://www.bmw.tv site and its YouTube channel to release a new promotional video for the BMW M5 Ring Taxi. This is the car that was famously piloted by Sabine. For those that dont know, the ring taxi is basicly a roller coaster ride around the Nurburring. You pay a fee, and a professional BMW driver will take you out in an M5 and show you the time of your life. The cost is steep, but well worth it…

10/05/2009     3:00 PM

This is the first professional review of the BMW Performance 135i and 335i that we have seen. Verdict? Read inside.

10/05/2009     2:51 PM

Part 2 of the Jump for Joy marketing features some good ole fashion ribbing of Audi. Check it out after the jump.

10/05/2009     1:01 PM

Heres some footage from this weekends ALMS race at the Nurburgring where the M3 placed 4th.

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