09/08/2009     8:29 AM

The F10 M5 will be the next highly anticipated super sedan from BMW. Do you have a wishlist for the next M5? Come share yours.

09/07/2009     3:07 PM

The Nitto photoshoot of Longtran’s car was done by none other than Wynn Ruji. Some nice wallpapers for fans of the E90 M3 sedan.

09/07/2009     11:48 AM

Several Shanghai M3post members gathered for their 1st meet this weekend, not an easy feat given the car’s rarity due to the USD 160,000 price tag.

09/06/2009     12:37 PM

Here’s our first reported X6 M delivery! Xbimmers member rleestma shares impressions, videos, and photos of his 555hp monster. This was quite an upgrade from his X5.

Here are some snippets from rleestma’s impressions (full details INSIDE)

Power – It was posted that the power was not that different than an X5, I couldn’t disagree more…

Suspension – My X5 seemed to give the rider more of the impression that they were “in between the wheels”, whereas the X6 M is quite springy right now…

Seats – The seats are not as comfortable as the sport seats I had in my X5…

Technology – Sick. Just sick. Anything you could ever want…


09/06/2009     10:25 AM

Well the car that everyone loves to hate has hit the press circuit and the reviews are starting to roll in. I think I am more maliable then others, and I actually love the styling of the car and from photos the interior oozes high end luxury and quality. So I was sold instantly. The only thing I didnt like was the rear end, but not because I thought it was poorly styled, I just dont like the cross-over shape. But given the cross-over shape, I think BMW did a good job making it look as car like as possible. It came out far better then any other cross-over I can think of (look at the new Honda cross-over or the … CONTINUED

09/05/2009     1:31 PM

Its an amazing sight to see when a brand new forum member posts up one hell of a car. Todays new member is fredrikz4 who hails from sweden with an ESS supercharged Z4 3.0 that is putting out about 430hp. Frederik didn’t stop with the supercharger and worked on the downflow stream with a new exhaust and pipes as well as a new clutch and rear diff. Bodywork and wheels were seriously beefed up to match what is under the hood and the complete package has to be seen to really be appreciated.

Welcome aboard fredrikz4!

09/05/2009     9:51 AM

The guys at spyshots.nl have done it again and bring us some nice video footage of the 1er in action. Seeing the car driving around the streets of Germany gives some good insight into the general proportions of this car, and it certainly looks wider and more low slung and compared to the current car. This is still the 5 door version of the car and we have yet to see what a coupe version would look like.

Heres what we know so far. The 5/3-door variants are due as a 2011 model and will sport the familiar 4-6cyl variants which range from anywhere between 115-265hp. An all-wheel drive version has been seen testing (the car with those big silver discs over the wheels) and is likely … CONTINUED

09/05/2009     9:28 AM

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 2009.

A new contenporary art exhibit entitled "THE WORLD IS YOURS", running from Sept 5 – January 10 will have in its rank the BMW H2R. However, this is not the standard H2R we have seen speeding around in its sveltte hydrogen powered and GINA inspired shape. Instead, artist Olafur Eliasson has put his own take onto the cars shape.

Eliassons project transforms an object of advanced industrial design into a work of art that critically and poetically reflects on the relationship between global warming and the automotive industry.

Eliasson removed the cars outer shell and replaced it with a complex, translucent skin made of steel mesh, reflective steel … CONTINUED

09/05/2009     8:57 AM

September 4, Berlin

BMW Museum was presented with the Gold Leaf award by the Leading European Architects Forum (LEAF). The award was given for the International Interior Design category.

So now, the BMW Museum adds this award to their bookshelf which already holds two Gold Lions at Cannes, two gold ADC Awards and one silver, the Grand Clio Award (one gold, one silver), the red dot design award, the iF product design award and the international architecture award.

After several years of renovation, the BMW Museum was opened in June 2008. It is the standardbearer for history about the BMW company and brand. The museum is organzied into seven thematic exhibition venues, such … CONTINUED

09/04/2009     12:52 PM

BMW will roll out a BMW M6 Competition Limited Edition (in “Frozen Gray Metallic “matte finish”) at the Frankfurt Motor Show just 1-2 weeks.

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