10/14/2013     4:10 PM

Months ago we uncovered much of the M235i by way of a set of very revealing photos (reposted below), but we now show you some more unique looks.

The first image shows the M235i bumper (on the left) compared to the standard 2 Series bumper (on the right). The 2 Series bumper is the same as the one spotted on the standard 2 Series prototype we showed you last week. Both designs look very sporty to us. The image also gives a great top-down look at the M235i and highlights how short its overhangs and tail end are.

Next up is the first look at the M235i’s undercarriage and shows us that like the M135i, it is not equipped with a limited slip differential (LSD) as … CONTINUED

10/14/2013     1:10 PM

This week on Ignition, Carlos Lago tests the BMW M5… again! This time around it has something called the Competition Package, which adds a host of small adjustments and improvements in an effort to improve the car’s performance and the satisfaction it gives to its driver. Is more power and a recalibration of the suspension and steering enough to make this incredible sedan behave? We find out on the test track at Hyundai’s Proving Grounds.

10/14/2013     12:00 PM

The newest catalog of M Performance Parts for the M5 and M6 has officially been announced and released.

In-depth expertise, a keen awareness of detail and meticulous fine-tuning work make all the difference on the racetrack – and now enable BMW factory driver Martin Tomczyk to experience that special racing feel on the road as well. At the German Touring Car Masters (DTM), Tomczyk drives the BMW M Performance Accessories M3 DTM, but is now out and about off the racetrack in a BMW M6 Gran Coupe. Also, as far as his new company car is concerned, the 2011 DTM champion from Rosenheim has left nothing to chance and with the precision of a professional racing driver has adapted the high-performance sports car developed by … CONTINUED

10/14/2013     10:31 AM

We have updated our official 4 Series Convertible thread with more wallpapers and the first video.

10/14/2013     8:00 AM

With 77,921 and 9,855 units sold year-to-date, the 3 Series Sedan and 4 Series Coupe combined are the best selling luxury car in America and Canada, respectively. Here is how it compares to its rivals for 2013 sales thus far.


1. BMW 3 Series / 4 Series – 77,921 units
2. Lexus RX – 73,279 units
3. Mercedes-Benz C-Class – 66,596 units
4. Lexus ES – 52,076 units
5. Mercedes-Benz E-Class – 46,006 units
6. Cadillac SRX – 40,506 units
7. BMW 5 Series – 38,681 units
8. Acura MDX – 34,803 units
9. Infiniti G Models – 34,202 units
10. Acura RDX – 33,539 units


1. BMW 3 Series – 9,855 units
2. Mercedes Benz C Class – 7,005 units
3. Lexus RX – … CONTINUED

10/13/2013     1:21 PM

The BMW M4 Concept was on display at the BMW Welt this weekend and she’s a beauty in person. Enjoy the photos!

For our previous photos & videos of the M4 Concept, see: http://f80.bimmerpost.com/forums/sho…d.php?t=878835

Follow our M3/M4 news and coverage @ http://www.bimmerpost.com/m4/

10/12/2013     5:59 PM

The all-new BMW 4 Series Convertible represents the latest chapter in the modern history of BMW Convertibles which dates back to 1987 and the first BMW 3 Series Convertible. As with the new BMW 4 Series Coupe, the 4 Series Convertible embodies the very essence of dynamics and aesthetic appeal in the premium segment. The “4” in its title headlines this new product line for the Convertible and emphasizes not only its stand-out design, but also the fact that any way you look at it, the new 4 Series Convertible represents something more than its BMW 3 Series cousins – 3+1, if you will. The 2014 BMW 4 Series Convertible will again feature a three-piece retractable hardtop with new features and functionality.


10/12/2013     1:30 PM

Congrats to HHSAM for being our first 2014 X5 owner! His X5 xDrive50i M Sport was delivered on September 30 in the United Arab Emirates.

U.S. deliveries of the X5 will begin this weekend as they have now hit dealerships for deliveries and test drives.

10/12/2013     10:30 AM

PSI recently built a BMW E36 Chumpcar build. Here is the story, as told by one of their technicians, JT:

After hearing the name “Chumpcar” for a few years now, I was determined to figure out what exactly this was. At first, I believed it was a goofy racing series where people decorated some $500 car and and then raced it around various tracks hoping to last through an endurance event. There is another series that is similar called “The 24 hours of Lemons”. A few months ago, we decided to go out to the track in Daytona and watch our very first Chumpcar race. We were pleasantly surprised at the level of craftsmanship that went into some of the nicer cars. These were real race … CONTINUED

10/11/2013     1:15 PM

Have a good first look at the production F80 M3 and F82 M4 interior, with its sports seats!

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