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11/09/2011    11:03 AM

The first F32 4 Series / 3 Series coupe prototypes were spotted for the first time ever just last month. And although it appeared in heavy camouflage, we’ve attempted to envision what the production form may look like underneath.

In producing the following images, we started from a real life F32 spy photo (attached below) and combined it with some elements from the F30′s styling, along with some educated guesses and imagination sprinkled throughout. We’ll be able to better assess the accuracy of the image’s detailed styling elements as the F32 prototypes lose some camouflage, but for now, the general shape, proportions, and stance seen in these renders are accurate.

The result is a production F32 with very sleek and wide width-to-height proportions, seemingly more so than the … CONTINUED

10/21/2011    11:40 AM

Here’s more F80 M3 renders, in many colors – Melbourne Red, Singapore Gray, Black Sapphire, Carbon Black, Havana, and Estoril Blue II.

10/16/2011    12:00 PM

With the official pictures of the F30 3-Series now available, Photoshop artists have taken to creating a more accurate picture of what the next generation M3 may look like.

10/10/2011    1:10 PM

We received some great feedback and response on our F80 M3 renders, including several requests for a red version, as long as one with a hood powerdome. We’ve updated our set of renders with some new Melbourne Red photos that should make red M3 fans happy.

10/05/2011    9:57 AM

The rumored F11 M5 is previewed by rendering artist Theopilus Chin.

10/03/2011    2:25 PM

Now that the next generation F80 M3 sedan has been both spied and confirmed, the natural next question is what will it look like? We’ve taken up the task of previewing what the F80 may look like in our new set of renders.

We received insider input on these renders and the feedback is that these images are generally a good representation of the next M3 sedan. The new distinctive headlight-grille area design is straight from our F30 renders and uncovered spy pics. The M styled bumper resembles the new F10 M5, which the F80 M3 is said to be a smaller version of. The F80 M3 will receive sportier mirrors compared to the F30.

Rumored powerplant configurations have been all over the map – from … CONTINUED

09/20/2011    2:25 PM

It’s been speculated that BMW will introduce a version of the F25 X3 which has been breathed upon by BMW M GmbH. The rumored timetable for the X3 M release is sometime in 2012, although no prototypes have yet been spotted.

An X3 M would be an important car not just because it represents another M model, but because it would likely provide a preview of the next generation F80 / F82 M3′s powerplant. The X3M would likely represent the introduction of a new turbocharged 6 cylinder motor which will also power the next generation M3 (but at a higher power output in the M3). This brings to mind the relationship between the S63 engine in the X5M and the modified S63Tu in the F10 M5 sedan.


09/06/2011    1:50 PM

Last week we spied the exposed BMW M6 coupe’s front end M styled bumper. Working off those images, we’ve produced a render which reveals what the M6 coupe should resemble when all the camouflage comes off. Look for an M6 coupe reveal sometime later this year/early next year.

09/01/2011    4:51 PM

We bring you a preview of the BMW F30 3 series’ production front end styling via our set of renders. These were constructed by analyzing the 100% uncovered F30 spy pics recently posted, together with input from Scott26, who has seen the production F30 design. It was confirmed that these images are representative of the real life F30 front end design.

The F30′s front styling will represent very unique elements never before seen on a production BMW. The headlight-grille area features deep set headlights which dip inward to expose the sides of the kidney grilles. We’ve been getting hints of this new styling element with recent BMW concepts (see below). This innovative design not only differentiates the F30′s front end look from the rest of the BMW … CONTINUED