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04/07/2011    7:59 AM

Now that spyshots of the BMW i3 have been plenty, it’s not difficult to imagine what the production i3 will resemble. That’s what Car and Driver’s artist has done here, in this render of an i3 which they call “Scion xD meets the scoundrel pigs from Angry Birds.”

The render is easily believable, based on current spy photos and the original Megacity render released by BMW (posted below for reference).

Despite being an all electric vehicle, the BMW i3 will have sporty intentions. It’s been confirmed to be RWD and “mid-engined” and has all along been advertised as using extensive use of carbon fiber to keep its weight down while maintaining structural rigidity. It will be the world’s first volume production car made of lightweight carbon fiber and … CONTINUED

03/31/2011    12:04 PM

Update: This image has been confirmed as a render based on a real BMW image, so we are essentially seeing the real new look of the 1-series. Autobild leaks the new BMW 1er Sporthatch. This photo certainly looks like the real deal, especially comparing to the spyshots and everything we know about the car, I believe this to be real!!

03/17/2011    11:00 AM

Prior Design provides a preview of their stunning upcoming F12/F13 6-series coupe and convertible aerodynamics kit currently in development. The kit features heavy doses of black-out effect, with black wheels, grilles, side turn signal element, and roof. Also seen is a beefy and aggressive front bumper replacement with carbon fiber lip, a vented hood, quad exhaust and rear bumper replacement with carbon fiber rear diffuser section. Real photos and more details to come when available.

03/16/2011    2:00 PM

Car and Driver renders the F30 3-series sedan, one of the better ones that we have seen. We’ll know soon enough as official F30 pics and details should be released by late this year, and its its world public debut just a few months later at the 2012 Geneva autoshow in March of 2012. The F32 coupe will be unveiled a year later in 2013.

Follow our complete F30/F32 coverage at: http://www.bimmerpost.com/3-series/f30/

03/14/2011    5:30 PM

The Alpina B6 based on the all new 2012 F13 coupe is imagined in even more detail in this stunning rear-view render by philip.

03/13/2011    3:00 PM

Harold Wood is certainly getting better and better with his renders, this time he brings the magic of Alpina to the all new 6 Series. Not only is his render spot on, but I think the classic Alpina wheels, color and aerodynamics compliment the shape of the 6 series perfectly, and I predict such a car would be an instant classic. Make sure to check this render out!!

03/09/2011    2:15 PM

A 1addicts member has put together some great renders of all three 1M coupe colors with some potential cosmetic modifications – black and carbon fiber grilles, black wheels, carbon fiber roof, carbon fiber hood, and carbon fiber mirror covers. Check out the great renders inside.

03/03/2011    3:30 PM

Mr. Sibal has really gotten a nack for getting photoshops about future BMWs correct. This is not the first time a potential M5 has been rendered, but this one is integrates a few features which the rumormill has been pointing to as likely to appear on the M6.

Namely, the highly angular quadrilateral brake vents and the integrated air curtain, which was first introduced on the 1M and may become standard fare for M models. Moving on from the front end, the front fender and door get M treatment that is more evolution of the basic 1M elements.

Comparing to recent spyphotos, the wheels seem to be 100% accurate, as is the stance and overall appearance of the car.

The next M6 is expected to make its appearance … CONTINUED

02/15/2011    9:00 PM

Roger Lighterness imagines what the striking BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Roadster concept would look like as a coupe. Bearing some resemblance to the late Z4 M-coupe (the hind quarters), we think it actually looks terrific!