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08/01/2010    10:50 AM

Rumors of a 3 Series GT variant in the same vein as the 5 Series GT (but obviously smaller) have been swirling for some time. In fact, if such a car was coming BMW would definitly keep the shape and proportions under the wraps for a very long time and would want to surprise the world. Here, a french magazine has tasked its photoshop artists to dream up what such a car could look like.

07/09/2010    11:28 AM

Autobilds current issue has an exclusive on the 1M Coupe. According to Autobild, the 1M Coupe will feature 340PS, twin turbo N54 engine, 6MT standard (DCT optional). Note: these specs have NOT been officially confirmed!

Scan and translation by southlight:

Launch in June 2011 (thats for Europe I guess)
340 PS
3.0l inline 6 with two turbochargers – same engine as Z4 35is
Flared fenders front and rear
New seats and new gauges (screenshot @ http://www.1addicts.com/forums/showthread.php?t=406297)
19 inch wheels standard (GTS wheels, IMO)
6MT standard, DCT optional
Faster than the E46 M3
Around EUR 48k (for comparison, 135i costs EUR 40k)
Rather a little Gran Turismo than a race car
Great low revv acceleration, still quite comfortable… CONTINUED

06/30/2010    6:45 PM

Jon Sibal shares his latest renders of the 2012 3-series (F30) sedan, which is said by BMW insider Scott26 to be the closest example yet. Said to be an evolutionary jump from the E90 and taking cues from the F10 5-series, the main face and rear are supposed to be considerably sharper than the 5-series.

06/27/2010    6:49 PM

Comparing these photoshops of the upcoming BMW X3 to the large amount of available spy shots (and officially released "spyshots") of the car, these photoshops done by AutoZeitung and a French Car Magazine, seem to be an almost 99% accurate depiction of the real car. We shall of course find out as not only all the real photos but also all the fine details of the next generation F25 BMW X3 is said to be released in the month of July……

06/23/2010    8:25 PM

The German auto publication Auto Zeitung have begun to speculate on the next BMW M3 Coupe (F32). Whilst some of the details especially of the front end are very similar and not far from exact of the new 3er Sedan. The Coupe repeats the formula that begun with the current 3er Coupe (E92) and offers a car that is more sleeker and sportier than the relevant sedan. A Design formula that has made the E92 our most successful 3er Coupe yet.

Here the artist has introduced a car that looks neither sleek , nor sporty but rather stubby , and the inclusion of CS Concept wheels adds more lack of believeibility. The aerodynamics packet seems to indicate a direction seen with the … CONTINUED

06/16/2010    3:49 AM

Resident photoshop guru Gerald Alvarez digitally strips away the remaining camoflage on the F13 2011 6-series convertible, revealing what we think will be a gorgeous drop top 6-series.

06/10/2010    9:00 AM

Attachment 395650

Rumors are still starting to swirl around the internet about the possibility of an R8 fighter out of Munich, one that would hark back to the eternal BMW Z8. AutoExpress has taken the time to render what the car could look like. Here we see the rendering is clearly an amalgam of the BMW 6-Series, Z4 and Hommage M1, with a very production friendly result.

The car itself is based on the California Spyder concept which would be realized with EfficientDynamics in mind and a nod to some "interesting" powerplant options. The car would of course also use the latest in carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) (think BMWs partnership with SGL earlier in the … CONTINUED

06/08/2010    12:01 AM

Based on the information leaked out about this street version of the successful BMW M3 GT2 racecar, Jon Sibal created a rendering of how the new BMW M3 GTS-R might possibly look like.

06/07/2010    6:37 PM

Alpine325ci works his magic on the upcoming F10 BMW M5 once again, this time rendering what the side profile may look like, by mixing elements of the current E60 M5 and the new F10 5-series to come up with a very sleek and refined rendering of what the car will look like.