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03/21/2013    3:15 PM

The 2 Series coupe and convertible are on their way, having already been spied in testing for months now. So what’s next to come in the 2 Series lineup? Possibly the 2 Series Gran Coupe, which Autobild has taken a crack at rendering. Although no prototypes have yet been spotted, it’s been previously rumored by BMW insider Scott26 to be on the way.

Here are the models that may round out the 2 Series lineup (some more likely than others), per Scott26:

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe – 4 door addition of 2 Series Coupe with slightly lengthened wheelbase and roof line, aimed at BMW’s RWD dominance against Audi A3 Sedan and Mercedes-Benz CLA. [More Details]

BMW 2 Series Gran Sports Tourer – Hyundai Veloster type A-symmetrical Tourer … CONTINUED

03/11/2013    2:45 PM

There’s been no indication from BMW nor any F81 M3 Touring prototypes spied, but we can always dream and imagine.

We’ll likely never see this car in real life, but here’s a glimpse at what such a unique machine might look like, taking cues from the spied F80 M3 Sedan prototypes.

For the latest F80 M3 and F82 M4 news and updates, follow along @ http://www.bimmerpost.com/m3/f30m3/

03/10/2013    12:30 PM

Had a nice lazy sunday today and decided to dream up what an M-Performance parts equipped 3-series GT could look like in various stages of kit. What do you all think?

Compare with the stock car photos which are all on the Official 3-Series GT Thread

02/09/2013    4:15 PM

A four year old nephew of a Jalopnik reader recently submitted a request to the site’s readers to draw up the 4 year old BMW enthusiast’s dream BMW – a 42 wheels, 19 engined Bimmer.

BMW surprised everyone by taking up the request themselves and producing this design mockup of the “4219ELi.”

Here is the result.

02/08/2013    12:30 PM

The rumormill and speculation for the second generation X6 has begun cranking. Autocar starts us off with many morsels of preliminary details/rumors. Here is a summary list of the details:

Introduction within next 18 months
Will feature even more aggressive styling than current model
Styling and look will move even further away from X5, for more individual look
Length to increase approximately 1.3 in / 33 mm (for extra interior room)
Longer wheelbase and wider track
Weight savings expected from:
Composite steel structure platform, which uses a higher percentage of hot-formed high-strength alloys

01/29/2013    12:30 PM

A speculative render of a still speculative model – the BMW M2 Convertible. According to BMW insider Scott26:

Such a concept remains a possibility, especially with the M2 becoming a series production car. The rear lights are similiar but in the actual car they wrap around in the opposite direction as proved by a recent bodyshell spy photograph. Aerodynamics are still too dramatic.

01/24/2013    3:50 PM

Here is the full set of our BMW F82 M4 Coupe Concept renders – with a front, rear, and interior view. Enjoy!

01/23/2013    3:32 PM

Are you the BMW M4 (F82) Coupe Concept? :)

01/22/2013    11:00 AM

CAR Magazine claims that these 2014 F80 M3 sedan images are the real deal, received from BMW. But, judging by their recent history with a false claim that a F10 M5 image they printed was also the real thing, we’re inclined to think that this may again be a case of crying wolf.