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05/14/2012    2:30 PM

After many months of testing and multiple prototype sightings, the debut of the 7 Series LCI facelift refresh is imminent. The reveal should come by the end of this month.

Here is a preview of the 7 Series facelift, based on some recent spy photos. Most of the refresh changes will be to the front fascia. Full LED headlights will come to the 7 series for the first time, with the turn signal lights now integrated into the eyebrow. It will receive a more aggressive lower front fascia, with more pronounced and longer splitter fins on the lower lip, and we think there will be air curtains vents integrated into the bumper, as the spy photos indicate.

The kidney grilles receive a thicker and more pronounced grille surround … CONTINUED

04/30/2012    5:10 PM

Now that the new M6 coupe/convertible and M5 have all debuted, our thoughts often turn to the next M3 – the F80. And although we’ve previously rendered the F80, here is our take on what the next generation M3 may resemble now that the M6 has been revealed. So far, the multitude of F80 M3 spy photos / videos we’ve posted have not been very telling in terms of the lower front bumper design, but we’ve used our imagination based on the new M6 and M5 to take a stab at what the F80 M3′s front fascia may resemble The prototypes have also yet to show what the fender gills will look like, so we’ve adapted a version somewhat similar to that seen on the new … CONTINUED

04/11/2012    9:30 AM

The 2013 M6 coupe and 2012 M6 convertible have now made their world premieres and North American premieres, which brings us to the M6 Gran Coupe as the next M6 variant in the pipeline.

We’ve already seen plenty of the spy photos/videos of the M6 Gran Coupe, which together with the already revealed production 6-series Gran Coupe (photos 1, photos 2), gives us a very accurate idea of what the M6 Gran Coupe will look like. We previously posted some front and rear renders (reposted below) and we now present some side views.

The M6 Gran Coupe will wear the same front and rear end design as the M6 Coupe and Convertible, only with 2 more doors and a longer body. We’ve also included the sporty carbon fiber … CONTINUED

02/29/2012    5:00 PM

The upcoming flagship M car – the M6 Gran Coupe, has now begun cold weather testing in Sweden.

It will directly challenge the 2012 Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG by utilizing the best BMW has to offer in terms of quality of materials and powertrain. The M6 Gran Coupe will be powered by the 4.4L twin turbo V8 S63Tu engine, but may very well feature a power bump from the standard M6 coupe and cabrio’s 560hp (maybe in the range of +20hp or so) in order to give it the leading power figure among all M models. Power will be delivered via a standard 7-Speed DCT transmission.

The M6 Gran Coupe’s premiere should come in the second half of this year (in the Fall) we believe.

As for styling, since … CONTINUED

02/15/2012    2:45 PM

The 2013 M6 coupe and convertible were revealed this past weekend and we now preview the production M6 Gran Coupe for you, by way of these renders which digitally remove the prototype’s camouflage. The car will wear the same front and rear end design as the M6 Coupe, but obviously with 2-extra doors and a longer body. We’ve also included the sporty carbon fiber roof from the M6 coupe.

The M6 Gran Coupe will directly challenge the 2012 Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG. What will the M6 GC bring to the shootout? Expect it to utilize the best BMW has to offer in terms of quality of materials and the best powertrain BMW is capable of developing currently. The M6 coupe and cabrio are powered by the … CONTINUED

01/19/2012    8:30 AM

Per Scott26: Because of the controversy that will launch with this car [the F32 coupe]. The prototypes have underneath the camouflage, vacumned plastic sheets and foam moulds that hide the overall details, it makes the car look fatter and chunkier when underneath it combines the sportier profile of the E92 with the elegance of the 6er.

The good news is that underneath the disguise lies a very good looking car ,which really enhances the stylish and individual looks of the E92 with modern BMW design language and features but still keeping that individual look which distinguishes it from the 3er Sedan to be classified as the new BMW 4er Coupe And Cabrio.

The sleeker more dynamic roofline will also provide the basis for a very sexy looking four … CONTINUED

12/29/2011    4:15 PM

The first F32 4 Series / 3 Series coupe prototypes were spotted for the first time ever in October. And although it appeared in heavy camouflage, we’ve attempted to envision what the production form may look like underneath.

In producing the following images, we started from real life F32 spy photos (attached below) and combined it with some elements from the F30′s styling, along with some educated guesses and imagination sprinkled throughout. We’ll be able to better assess the accuracy of the image’s detailed styling elements as the F32 prototypes lose some camouflage, but for now these will have to do. *Now updated with rear renders.

The result is a production F32 with very sleek and wide width-to-height proportions, seemingly more so than the current E92 3 series … CONTINUED

12/16/2011    9:09 AM

Resident photochopper Harold Wood imagines the BMW F30 Alpina D3 Bi Turbo sedan. The current B3 S Bi-Turbo yields 294kW (400hp) at 6000rpm with a maximum torque of 540Nm (397lbs-ft) at 4500rpm.

11/20/2011    7:00 PM

Although the BMW X4 has not yet been spotted in any public testing, it’s been confirmed by BMW. AutoBild utilizes some of BMW’s latest styling elements (including the exposed side grilles of the F30 3 series sedan), to produce renders of what they think the upcoming BMW X4 SAV may resemble, as well as the future iterations of the X1 and X5. They even threw in a render of a fantasy X2.

The X4 was recently confirmed, per: http://x3.xbimmers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=588424

In an interview with Auto Motor und Sport, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer confirmed the plans for BMW’s newest SAV.

The X4 will be positioned above, but based on the X3. It will be 4.65 meters long (183 inches), which is the same length as the X3, and … CONTINUED