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07/14/2011    8:00 PM

CAR magazine took the 2012 640i coupe out for their first drive experience of BMW’s newest 6-series coupe (the F13). The review was conducted by a self-described hardened BMW fan who we presume has plenty of BMW experience with which to compare the F13 against.

The reviewer falls in love with the drivetrain, but does he love the car overall? It sounds like the answer is “it depends.” Viewed properly as a GT car, the car has no better rivals in the luxury coupe segment. Where it may fall short is if the driver expects an edgy sportscar.

07/14/2011    4:25 PM

Autocar has now posted their first drive review of the F20 1-series 120d hatchback. Overall it’s a bit of a mixed review. See inside for what we mean.

07/14/2011    10:43 AM

We’ve seen plenty of photos and videos on the F20, but how does it perform? Reviews are beginning to flow in from this week’s first press drives and Autoexpress has come in with their first impressions. Here’s how their first experience with the F20 went… read on inside.

07/04/2011    1:15 PM

Autoblog has posted its first drive review of the 2012 6-series coupe. Although the article is a bit difficult to follow, inside are some of its highlights.

Just considering sheer finish and accommodation for four real-sized adults, this new 2+2 BMW fairly well beats the Jaguar XK, Audi S5, and Mercedes E-Class Coupe – with or without a metal roof.

Granted, all the V8s we care to talk about here feel more like rumbling rebels of the road, but this inline powerplant from BMW is arguably the best civilian tune six in a premium passenger car. In this 6 Series, taking all things emotive and practical into account, the inline six is a better choice than the pretty good 4.4 biturbo V8.

We worked this 640i Coupe on the … CONTINUED

06/29/2011    9:00 AM

Aside from the touring bodystyle, the B5 Touring is otherwise unchanged from the Alpina B5 Sedan. Which is to say, its a V8 Twin Turbo monster pushing out 500HP and capable of speeds upward of 300 km/h or (190MPH) and 0-60 in 4.8seconds. Not bad for a vehicle which can do double duty as family hauler and grocery getter.

This vehicle also fills a unique niche, as there is no Touring version of the new M5, this will be the most powerful Touring available with a BMW badge at the moment.

Here is what Autocar had to say about the B5 Touring…

06/27/2011    10:00 PM

Sabine Schmitz might be out of Ring Taxi duty, but she can’t seem to let go off BMW M models. For the German car show TURBO, Sabine reviewed the 1-series M Coupe, and if it can live up to its marketing claims.

Even if you don’t understand German you can see what a blast she had. Or, in her own words: “The 1M makes you wanna drive fast.”

06/26/2011    6:15 PM

Perhaps the most highly anticipated BMW 1 Series M Coupe review has finally just aired – in episode 1 of Top Gear’s newest season (Season 17). Jeremy Clarkson takes the helm of the 1M coupe in the review and absolutely loves the car, calling it a brilliant brilliant car! It’s also put into the hands of The Stig for runs around the Top Gear track.

How did the 1M do in the performance measures? Well, it only managed to outdrag the Cayman R and Lotus Evora and beat the M3 CSL around the Top Gear track, with a time of 1:25:00 ! The results are consistent with almost all 1M reviews thus far – that the 1M is a little torque monster and one of the most … CONTINUED

06/24/2011    6:30 PM

Insideline assembled a great little gathering of several cars from BMW’s small M-car lineage for some reflection as to how we have arrived at the 1M coupe and how the spirit of each car compares. Great read.

06/21/2011    8:30 PM

Jason Cammisa of Automobile gives his strong opinion of the 1M coupe and bags on non-manual M3 drivers at the same time. Video contains some nice 1M hoonage as well.