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01/22/2014    9:30 PM

Chris Harris pits three 550+ hp luxury super saloons against each other in this comparo between the M6 Gran Coupe, E63 AMG and XFR-S.

01/20/2014    1:40 PM

I’ve just returned from Las Vegas where I spent a day sampling the new M235i coupe [Official Thread] and the 4 series convertible at the international media launch. I was there representing BIMMERPOST! I got to drive the M235i on the street and at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in both the oval and the infield configurations. The 435i convertible was driven on the street only.

This post will focus primarily on the M235i’s driving experience. I will also be producing a video review in the coming weeks.

A quick intro about my perspective: I’m a long time BMW enthusiast and have owned both the E39 M5 and more recently, my silverstone E90 M3 Sedan in 6 speed. You may remember me from the Porsche Roadshow … CONTINUED

01/18/2014    6:12 PM

A new 2002? Behind the wheel of the M235i

By Jens Meiners, BIMMERPOST Contributor

If there is a single car that has put BMW on the map with enthusiasts in the USA, it is the 2002. Derived from the “New Class” mid-size sedan, it became the quintessential compact sports sedan. In 1975, it was replaced by the 3-series – a worthy successor initially, but a car that has become remarkably large over the years. In fact, the current 3-series is almost as long and tall as the E3 luxury sedan, and it is actually wider. There is plenty of room to reinvent the 2002 – which the company has done a few years ago with the 1-series coupe and now with its successor, the 2-series [Official … CONTINUED

01/09/2014    9:45 AM

The BMW E46 M3 is regarded as one of the best drivers cars of all time, and they can now be had for under $25,000. In our opinion, the Ford Fiesta ST is the best new car you can buy for under $25,000. So, which is better? We hit the canyons with both to find out.

01/08/2014    11:15 AM

CAR Magazine shares their first drive review of the Alpina BMW XD3, Alpina’s first SUV/SAV. Their verdict?

To avoid further doubt, there’s the least subtle execution yet of Alpina badges and stripes, plus cabin stitching Liberace might have baulked at.

So while it’s high quality kit, this XD3 is neither the best of X3 nor the best of Alpina. For the life of us, we can’t see the point, despite its extraordinary performance.

01/05/2014    11:39 AM

BMW i3 review by Autoguide. The base i3 starts at $41,350 while the i3 REX (with Range Extender) starts from $45,200 (before the $7500 federal incentive).

i3 deliveries have already begun in Europe, while U.S. sales will begin in March.

See other i3 reviews, news and features @ http://www.bimmerpost.com/i3.

12/18/2013    10:28 AM

XCAR takes the F10 M5 to Wales to see what it could do.

12/17/2013    8:30 AM

Autoexpress compares the BMW M6 Gran Coupe versus the Audi RS7.

12/14/2013    12:30 PM

CNET discusses and reviews the BMW i3 electric car.