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06/29/2010    6:30 PM

5POST member HossNY provides a 1500 mile report update on his 535i, from performance, to comfort/convenience, to safety and looks. Check out the thoughts and impressions from an actual 5-series owner inside.

06/29/2010    7:00 AM

Another new and well done BMW X5M review has made its way onto the internet, this time by way of the guys over @ Autoblog.com. And reading this really well done review, it becomes obvious they had a hell of a time behind the wheel of this beautiful Monte Carlo Blue Metallic example.

Here are a few select quotes, but as always make sure to follow the link and read the entire article and see all the photos


No one ever said that evolution is pretty. Take the best-of-breed BMW M Division product: the E30 M3. Little more than … CONTINUED

06/28/2010    10:30 AM

This morning brings us a really well written and honest review of the X5 M, I wont say much more to ruin the article and let you read it for yourself to be the judge, but here is a select quote from BimmerFiles well written review of the X5 M


This article was suppose to be a thrashing of the X5 M as an overweight impostor to the hallowed M brand. That begs the question of how do you even measure what M is? The answer is likely personal but there are a few core ingredients that we can all agree on. Power, balance and … CONTINUED

06/27/2010    5:35 PM

Autoblog recently revisited the 2010 335i E90 sedan. So it’s not the latest 335i, but the reviewer feels the 2010 335i really deserves wave after wave of gushing prose in reviews and no doubt remains the benchmark of mid-sized sedans. And this isn’t just the BMW-koolaid talking.

06/27/2010    1:03 PM

A luxury car? Yes. Land yacht? No.

This sums up the car very well and is from this new video review of the range topper 750i Li xDrive (400hp twin-turbo V8) conducted by drivencarreviews.com.

06/26/2010    7:00 PM

Insideline has driven the 740i and comes away with a very positive impression. They call the car “just right” and is a pure BMW in the best way possible, by combining efficiency, luxury and technology without sacrificing the driving dynamics for which BMW is so renowned.

06/20/2010    6:45 PM

In a celebration of the 400hp, 500hp, and 600hp milestones, Car and Driver editors picked their favorite cars from each group. Their pick for the 400hp club was none other than our beloved M3, getting the nod over some heavy hitting competition such as Aston Martins, Ferrari California, Maserati, Nissan GT-R, and various Porsches.

06/18/2010    1:09 PM

Here’s a comparison many of you have been eagerly anticipating – the M3 ZCP competition versus the Audi RS5! We will say no more and let you see the results for yourself inside :)

06/16/2010    2:45 PM

The lucky guys at Car and Driver recently had a chance to do something that we can only do in our dreams — test drive the ALMS M3 GT race car. What they share with us is some great insight from a non-professional driver as well as some stunning photography of the ALMS M3.