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08/20/2013    10:30 AM

The £100,000 BMW i8 is a plug-in performance hybrid due to be revealed at the 2013 Frankfurt show in September but evo was invited to drive a pre-production i8 at a secret test track in France this month, six months before we get to drive the production version. This video gives you a taste of what this revolutionary 155mph performance car for the future is going to be like to drive.

08/13/2013    11:20 AM

Auto Express UK shares their first drive review of the 435i M Sport, which left them with favorable impressions.

08/12/2013    11:35 AM

On this episode of Ignition Carlos Lago goes to Portugal to test the new BMW 435i. The replacement for the 3 Series coupe, the 4 Series is wider and much lower than the sedan – in fact, it has the lowest center of gravity of any BMW currently on sale. BMW claims it’s substantiated the controversial name change by differentiating the 4′s styling and driving dynamics from the 3. They find out if that’s the case, and more, with a drive through the beautiful seaside roads in Portugal and a lapping session at the iconic former F1 circuit, Estoril.

08/07/2013    3:30 PM

Autoblog also shares their impressions from a first drive of the BMW i8 hybrid sports car.

08/07/2013    11:30 AM

Autocar has posted a first drive review of the exciting new BMW i8 hybrid electric sports car. Is the car all it’s cracked up to be? Read on…

08/02/2013    3:00 PM

Top Gear online reviews the F30 Alpina B3 sedan with its N54 engine.

07/25/2013    12:20 PM

Chris Harris reviews the F32 435i on the track and road… and abides by BMW’s no drifting rule at the Estoril track (or does he??) :)

07/24/2013    4:30 PM

Many BMW fans have been waiting for the F32 4 Series Coupe [full official details] to arrive. And arrive it has. We have recently driven the 435i Sport Line in Portugal – Lisbon and at the Estoril Track. It was a joy.

What I Loved?

The clich√© holds true for 4 Series as it does with many BMWs – the styling looks so much better in real life than in 2D photos on a computer screen. As for the package? Besides all the standard qualities that make a BMW a BMW, the new 435i has some extras that put the car in the uber-klass when it comes to premium sporty coupes. What are those extras? HUD/drivers package, lane departure warning, LED headlights (not for US market yet) … CONTINUED

07/20/2013    5:30 PM

Chris Harris reviews the 2014 BMW F32 4 Series Coupe (435i).

See what he has to say inside.