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04/03/2014    3:00 PM

Autobild get closer with new BMW X1 rendering.

In some markets, including the North American market. The F48 X1 is going to be xDrive only.

This rendering is very close indeed. The front is very similar, with a dynamic sweep of the headlights. A feature on the next generation 7er, 5er and new X7.

And although it is shown as the M Sport in this render. The front fascia aligns with the new X family signature but looks more sporty to appeal to younger customers. The rear incorporates typical BMW L-shaped units that wrap around the exterior X3-like.

The shape and character sculpture on the render conforms to what is hidden underneath camouflage and vacuumed plastic paneling on the current prototype.

The kicked-up hofmeister kick and rising glasshouse is … CONTINUED

04/02/2014    8:50 PM

If a recent report from German Auto Motor und Sport is to be believed, BMW will showcase another large luxury concept car at the upcoming Beijing Car Show starting April 20th.

After last year’s Gran Lusso concept which previewed a possible large coupe like the possible revival of the 8-series, AMS has allegedly learned that BMW is about to unveil a 9-series concept car shortly. This concept car is also said to preview a new generation of BMW’s interior design to debut in the all-new 2016 BMW 7-series (internally dubbed G11).

As the concept car debut in China suggests, one of the possibly largest markets for a car like the 9-series (and the 8-series) would be China. Technically, these cars would be based on the new … CONTINUED

03/21/2014    6:07 PM

According to Automotive News, the BMW X7 will be one of the significant announcements at the Spartanburg press event scheduled for March 28.

The Wall Street Journal, citing sources, reported late yesterday that BMW will spend several hundred million dollars to expand the plant to build the three-row seven-seat X7.

Construction at the plant would boost production levels to 400,000 vehicles annually, says Automotive News. It is currently being expanded to build 350,000 a year.

After the X4 goes into production, the X7 will represent the fifth vehicle to be built at Spartanburg (joining the X3, X4, X5 ad X6). Roughly half of the X models currently built are exported to more than 130 countries.

03/16/2014    12:00 PM

BMW want to make a annoucement on the 28th of March at their US plant in South Carolina, and they say it will be significant. Just looking at the list of people who will be there should tell some of the story. BMW Group Chairman Norbert Reithofer, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, Gov. Nikki Haley, Harald Krueger, head of the company’s global production network, and Manfred Erlacher, president of BMW Manufacturing Co will headline the event.

So looking at who is going to the event, we have the chairman of BMW, meaning the annoucement is important to BMW from a financial and product standpoint. Both the US Secretary of Commerce and the Governer of South Carolina will be there, meaning there must be a … CONTINUED

03/08/2014    9:52 AM

BMW and Toyota have already formally announced their shared platform project which reportedly will result in two cars from two brands, but using shared platform technology. The rest is completely shrouded in mystery.

So far, rumors on the topic have ranged on this shared platform vehicle producing either the Z4 replacement (possibly back to the Z3 moniker) or a separate sports coupe under the name Z5, presumably larger and more powerful.

Germany’s Autozeitung Magazine have now jumped onto the rumor fray, releasing this new photoshop and speculating that the car will be something truly cutting edge. First up, they claim the car will be using a 3.0L I6, turbocharged ofcourse. The new model will follow the i8/3 lead and be made mostly from CFRP and … CONTINUED

03/03/2014    1:11 PM

Here’s our latest news on the BMW M2! The M2 has been discovered as having been tested with N55 (N55B30T0) engine and in both manual and auto.

A member who has access to BMW development model info has discovered that an M2 has been tested with an updated N55 engine:

And an update just two weeks more recent than the previous one brings us The News of the Year. Some of you may remember me from the crazy bmw.com-sourced pre-prod info dump in early 2013. I found another source. It’s very limited this time: just the model, engine, and transmission type, and lists not only the models that are guaranteed to come, but also all those that BMW considered as a possibility (for example, … CONTINUED

02/13/2014    11:30 AM

According to Autocar, BMW reportedly has plans for a model portfolio of 30 rear wheel drive and 15 front wheel drive cars. The 15 FWD cars include Mini models, but at least five will be purportedly wear a BMW badge.

The first of these (and only one committed to production thus far) is the 2 Series Active Tourer, which we’ve revealed to you recently by way of spy photos. A seven seat model is expected to arrive later in the year.

BMW’s 3-cylinder turbocharged engine is expected to power most of the Active Tourer models, with a more powerful 4-cylinder 235i model speculated.

While Europe is expected to take the bulk of orders for the 2-series Active Tourer, interest in the model is also reportedly strong … CONTINUED

02/03/2014    4:00 PM

Now that the 4 Series Gran Coupe has been revealed, the natural question that BMW enthusiasts are asking is – When (or will) we see a M4 Gran Coupe model?

BMW has made no official statement regarding a possible M4 Gran Coupe. We did hear from a trusty source several months back not to expect an M variant of the 4 Series Gran Coupe. That said however, even the best laid plans are subject to change. Could BMW resist making a M4 Gran Coupe if eventual sales success for the 4 Series Gran Coupe makes a business case for the M4 Gran Coupe? We shall see…

For now, have a look at what the M4 Gran Coupe would resemble, by X-Tomi Design