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04/26/2010    11:00 AM

According to BMW insider SCOTT26, the Gran Coupe has already been approved for production, with a standard model available for completion in a short time frame. But, the fully working concept version (the one in Beijing has no interior or mechanicals) will not debut until the Paris Autoshow. The final Gran Coupe concept car will feature innovative interior design and materials, with use of glass, copper, stone, and wood.

04/25/2010    12:19 PM

A new definition in Premium Style. BMW 3er Coupe and Cabrio.

The latest Autobild features the next generation BMW 3er Cabrio in its news pages. Although it remains an interpretation using inside information , although not exact it offers an insight into the final appearance of the car.

What is known about the next generation model F32 and F33?

The adaption of using a different exterior to the sedan , established with the E92 continues to the next platform as this has allowed the E92 to be BMWs must successful interpretation of an executive compact sports coupe.

What is going to seperate the car further will be the inclusion of different shapes for the headlights … CONTINUED

04/25/2010    8:19 AM

Resident photoshopper Alpine325ci has taken yet another stab at the upcoming 6-series, this time gleaning information from the recently revealed Gran Coupe Concept car which is believed to foretell the 6-Series lineup. We believe this photoshop rendering is very accurate to what the real 6-series will look like

04/22/2010    5:15 PM

Here is Autoexpress’ latest interpretation of what the 2012 F30 3-series will resemble. They believe that it will be a mix of influences from the CS Concept and 5-series. What do you think of this look?

04/21/2010    10:00 AM

Jon Sibal has again produced a stunning rendering of an upcoming BMW, this time the BMW M1 coupe. The M1 elements seen on this car (aggressive front bumper, hood bulge, side vent and skirts, flared fenders) look possible from spy photos and has been confirmed to be very close to the real thing by BMW insider.

04/14/2010    11:00 AM

The next generation 1-series is expected to spawn off additional variants not present in the current 1-series lineup. Autobild speculates and illustrates the six 1-series models it believes are slated to introduced from 2011 to 2013, including 3-door, 5-door, coupe, convertible, sports van, and GT variants.

04/13/2010    1:15 PM

Resident photoshop guru Gerald Alvarez has almost hit the BMW M1 design on the head with his latest beautiful render. So close in fact that BMW insider Scott26 thought that he was looking at official pictures when spotted Gerald’s latest M1 impression!

04/11/2010    1:00 PM

Here’s the latest F30 3-series sedan rendering by Auto Motor und Sport. Expected to debut in two years (2012), but buzz surrounding the BMW F30 is that it will be a revolutionary (rather than evolutionary) change from the E90.

04/08/2010    8:25 AM

We just posted the latest BMW M1 / 1M spyshots yesterday, but Gerald Alvarez has already been hard at work photochopping the car based on the latest hints from the spy photos. He’s even added the M styling cues that are so far missing from the test mule.