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10/16/2009    9:11 PM

Feast your eyes and ears on the very first video of the recently spied high performance E92 M3 (CSL or GT4 street version racecar?) !!

10/16/2009    9:30 AM

A longtime BMW insider calls this new BMW 6-series convertible rendition the closest one he has seen, minus just a few detail differences.

10/14/2009    9:30 AM

With the E46 M3 CSL, people have been given a look into what BMW could do when it turned its direction towards lightweight and efficiency over the base M3.

With the introduction of the E92, many of you may remember all the buzz and talk about a possible E92M3 CSL. Remember the red test car?

BMW a year later shot down those rumors of a CSL and ruled the car out. However, today MotorAuthority has put up these new pictures of a seemingly striped down M3 wearing some racing gear around the ring. As they point out, BMW has suggested that they would put a street version of the GT4 into … CONTINUED

10/13/2009    11:09 AM

Spotted here is what could be the long rumored 1-series supersport, a lightweight 1er with specific options aimed at the enthusiast not offered via BMW Performance catalog.

10/09/2009    2:45 PM

Last week we posted a video of the M5 on the nubrugring. We now bring you a longer (and clearer sounding) video. Enjoy!

10/08/2009    10:58 AM

Looks like both the regular F10 5-series and the F10 M5 have been busy being tested in Germany. Latest pics as of 10/8/09.

10/06/2009    8:33 PM

The latest issue of Car Magazine has an article about new compact class BMW in the works. It’s known internally as the UKL1 (Untere Kompaktklasse (lower compact class)) and is supposed to target the Audi A1 and Mercedes A-Class. It will be based off the 3rd gen Mini and is said to be coming in 3 variants — 3 door hatch, 5 door hatch, and 2 seat roadster.

Power will come from 3 and 4 cylinder engines.

09/09/2009    10:43 AM

Despite earlier rumors of its demise, development of the BMW Z10 continues according to Automobile Magazine. According to the latest rumors, this potential "halo" BMW sports car will be a mid-engined supercar and feature the latest efficient technologies BMW has to offer, including:
ample use of lightweight materials : carbon fiber and aluminum structure and magnesium chassis parts being engineered as a coupe and roadster form, both in 2+2 arrangement with more interior room than a Porsche 911 target weight of approximately 3300 pounds Potential engines:3.0L twin-turbo straight six cylinder engine outputting 450hp / 350lb-ft torque (uprated version of the engine that will power the next generation M3) twin-turbo V6 engine 8 speed DCT transmission integrated AC motor/generator and lithium-ion … CONTINUED

08/19/2009    8:53 PM

Coinciding with our newest F10 5-series photos comes official insider info regarding the F10′s purpose, design, and goals. Read inside.

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