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02/08/2013    12:30 PM

The rumormill and speculation for the second generation X6 has begun cranking. Autocar starts us off with many morsels of preliminary details/rumors. Here is a summary list of the details:

Introduction within next 18 months
Will feature even more aggressive styling than current model
Styling and look will move even further away from X5, for more individual look
Length to increase approximately 1.3 in / 33 mm (for extra interior room)
Longer wheelbase and wider track
Weight savings expected from:
Composite steel structure platform, which uses a higher percentage of hot-formed high-strength alloys

02/05/2013    1:02 PM

And in the latest monthly episode of BMW halo / super car rumors, comes a rumor (from CAR) that plans for a 600HP M8 supercar may be firming up.

If the report is to be believed, the car is now referred to as the M8 internally at BMW and may see a launch in 2016 – to commemorate BMW’s 100th anniversary.

The report goes on to claim that M division head Friedrich Nitschke has proposed that the M8 share the exotic carbon fiber/aluminum construction of the upcoming i8 hybrid sports car (which has a combined power output of 349bhp and 405lb ft of torque from its electric motor and 3 cylinder petrol engine, good for an estimated 4.6 sec 0-62mph).

For the M8, however, the 3 cylinder petrol … CONTINUED

02/04/2013    4:20 PM

According to an Autocar source, Arnd Meyer, the head engineer responsible for chassis engineering of all recent AMG models, including the SLS AMG Black Series, has left Mercedes and joined BMW M.

The source says that Meyer will eventually head BMW M’s chassis, powertrain and electronics development, although an AMG spokesperson has suggested that a contractual agreement (presumably, a non-compete clause in his employment contract) may prevent him from doing so for some period of time.

This news comes on the heels of this recent report that BMW M may be looking into offering models that compete with AMG Black Series models, in terms of exclusivity. Could BMW M’s pickup of Meyer be related? We shall see…

02/04/2013    12:50 PM

Here are some details for the F10 5 Series LCI facelift update, via VIN information found by a BIMMERPOST member. This list is by no means exhaustive, and there may be details and models not listed here, or the information may be outdated.

The first VIN below shows the LCI 550i touring with uprated N63Tu 445-bhp/480-lb.-ft engine (just as the 650i Gran Coupe and 5GT already received last year), good for +45hp / +30 lb-ft torque over the N63 engine.

The second VIN shows the 535d coming to US.

VIN long WBAHR92090D000000
Type code HR92
Type 550I (EUR)
Dev. series F11 (MUE)
Line 5
Body type TOUR
Steering RL
Door count 5
Engine N63T
Cubical capacity 4.40 … CONTINUED

02/01/2013    2:30 PM

According to a report out of Autoblog, the US may finally see some specialized M models soon. The latest desirable special M hardware, such as the M3 CSL, M3 GTS, M3 CRT have not been available in the US due to homologation issues, but BMW recently said at the Detroit auto show to expect “an interesting year” and that buyers can expect one or two products aimed specifically the C63 AMG Black Series. We have our fingers crossed!

01/31/2013    2:50 PM

Our crafty F30POST member reveals the potential 2014 BMW 4 Series model lineup by use of a VIN search, which has uncovered either all (or most) of the upcoming 4 Series Coupe (F32) lineup. Of note was that there was no 440i found, and the 435i is listed with the N55 engine (and not a successor engine as speculated).

Here is the list of F32 models found (separated by US and European market):

US 428i manual – F712500
US 428i auto – F710500 (N20) and F718000 (N26)
US 428i xDrive auto – F715500 (N20) and F720000 (N26)
US 435i auto – F729000
US 435 xDrive auto – F730000
US 435i manual – F774000
US 435i xDrive manual – F784500

EU 428i auto – F785500
EU 428i manual – F778500
EU 428i xDrive – F715000

01/30/2013    2:15 PM

A resourceful F30POST member went BMW VIN diving and may have uncovered many details for the upcoming BMW M3 Sedan (F80) and M4 Coupe (F82)!

While obviously no production F80 M3 or F82 M4 have rolled off the line yet, manufacturers like BMW register VINs for their pre-production test cars, so finding the details behind such VINs can reveal much about the upcoming production models (although keep in mind that everything is subject to change by the time the model hits production).

So, what does the BMW M4 coupe’s VIN reveal?

The highlight is the 310kW (415 hp) S55 3.0L inline 6 engine listed. Consistent with the information we’ve been posting, this would have the next M3 and M4 featuring similar horsepower figures to the current M3 (414 … CONTINUED

01/22/2013    11:00 AM

CAR Magazine claims that these 2014 F80 M3 sedan images are the real deal, received from BMW. But, judging by their recent history with a false claim that a F10 M5 image they printed was also the real thing, we’re inclined to think that this may again be a case of crying wolf.

01/17/2013    2:15 PM

Thus far, the spied camouflaged 2 Series Coupe and Convertible prototypes remain under heavy front camouflage, obscuring the front fascia design.

But BMW insider Scott26 has shared with us this sketch of what to roughly expect from the 2 Series. As one can see, the smaller (compared to F20) headlights will join the kidney grilles as we’ve expected. The front end’s general look is certainly sportier and more angular based on this sketch.