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06/16/2011    9:25 AM

Last week, MINI gave everyone a preview of the new Coupe with only light camoflage, but now, some intreprid photogs have caught the new coupe in the flesh, out of the factory and with no masking what-so-ever.

Everything here is as expected, which is a good thing. It means MINI stuck close to the script which was written back when the original concept first came out.

These two photos from CAR Magazine, show the sporty MINI with production paint and the typical MINI stripes, these extra features really let the car go that extra mile. In the first photo you can also make out the retractable spoiler, which is nicely integrated onto the production vehicle.

Expect the MINI Coupe in or around October 2011!

Source: CAR Magazine

06/15/2011    12:45 PM

As if the X6M did not already have enough power, an even higher powered BMW X6 M model has just been spied testing in Germany!

This is the ‘special X6M’ which SCOTT26 referred to yesterday. So far, it features a massive hood air scoop and what appears to be taped up air extractor outlets (cosmetic only?) flanking the scoop. The sideskirts are also a more aggressive design than the regular X6M.

The current X6M already boasts 555hp. Could we possibly see 600hp or more in this even higher powered X6M? Taking guesses on the final power numbers, so chime in.

06/14/2011    11:45 AM

The M6 coupe coupe prototype has once again taken to the Nurburgring for some serious performance testing.

Although much of the front fascia remains covered in camouflage tape, it will resemble the recently revealed 6-series Coupe (official info and photos), but with an M styled bumper of course. The front brakes feature huge calipers with cross drilled rotors front and rear. Traditional quad exhausts are seen at the rear, surrounded by a still-camouflaged rear bumper which will also sport M-styling. The camouflage on the roof could possibly also indicate the presence of a carbon fiber roof underneath.

Like the upcoming M5, the M6 will be receiving a ceramic brakes option, seen for the first time on the upcoming M6 in these photos.

The 2013 M6 will share the same … CONTINUED

06/13/2011    8:14 PM

One of the most oft asked question regarding the upcoming F10 M5 production car is whether it will come with a manual transmission option. BMW has already announced that the F10 M5 will have a 7-speed DCT transmission, but has been mum on confirming whether or not a 6-speed manual would be made available.

With these photos, it now appears that indeed there will likely be a manual transmission option. Manual purists rejoice! It’s certainly odd seeing a stick shift next to an electronic e-brake, but we’ll take manual option regardless. A manual transmission would be mated to the F10 M5′s turbo 4.4L V8 with northwards of potentially more than 560hp.

Also, why is the gear pattern covered? Likely to hide the car’s identity as … CONTINUED

06/09/2011    3:47 PM

Here is our latest sighting of a F30 335i sedan in alpine white, including some new interior looks. We analyze the interior and exterior. See inside for analysis.

06/09/2011    9:30 AM

We’ve spotted a black F10 M5 prototype conducting some final testing. It wears a minimal amount of camouflage and the least amount of cover we’ll see prior to seeing the production version. What you see is essentially the production version, including the mirrors and sideskirts which were not seen on the concept M5 model.

If you’re tired of seeing spy photos of preproduction M5s, you won’t have to wait much longer to see the production version. It will be revealed in just over two weeks time at the M Festival at the Nurburgring — on the night of Thursday, June 23rd (German time). Stay tuned!

06/02/2011    11:10 AM

The next generation MINI is slated to arrive for 2013 and these are the first photos of the new model, out and about undergoing initial public road testing.

The new MINI is being co-developed with parent company BMW, under the new chassis code F56 (moving away from the ‘R’ chassis which may be sold to SAAB). The F56 is part of BMW’s broader platform sharing strategy that sees this new MINI on the same FWD platform as certain BMW 1-Series variants and a rumored BMW Z2 roadster.

The platform itself is labelled as ‘UKL’. But don’t let the idea of platform sharing fool you, this is being done to shave off costs in tight economic conditions, not to make the MINI more BMW like, or vice-versa. What these … CONTINUED

06/01/2011    3:59 PM

BMW’s FWD 1-series model based on the FWD UKL platform has been spotted for the first time! The UKL platform is a FWD platform which the FWD 1-series will share with the next generation of MINIs (which coincidentally [or not] was also spied testing for the first time today).

The FWD 1-series will come in a traditional 5-door hatchback (pictured here), a sporting estate model, and a gran touring version. They’ve been referred to by insider Scott26 as the “City Compact,” the “F.A.S.T. Family Activity Sports Tourer,” and the “GT”. The rumored upcoming Z2 roadster will also be spawned off the UKL platform.

The FWD 1-series will join the rest of the 1-series lineup which in the next generation will include the F20 5-door sporthatch and the F21 … CONTINUED

06/01/2011    10:00 AM

It’s usually the strange looking camouflaged prototype cars which get the attention in public, but that may not be the case here where one of our members in a Ferrari 458 caught an F30 3-series sedan prototype out testing in the canyons of Malibu, California.