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11/16/2010    9:00 PM

This F10 M5 was just spotted at the M division R&D center. There have been more revealing F10 M5 prototypes, but this test mule features the first clear look at the M5 production wheels in silver finish. We have only seen it in a black finish until now.

11/16/2010    6:30 PM

The X1 with M sport package continues its testing. The M sport aero package will consist of an M-sport front bumper, sideskirts, and rear bumper/diffuser. It is expected to be announced officially soon.

11/15/2010    9:00 AM

Another case of…. Im not really sure what this is.At first glance it looks like a mundane towing limits test for an X5.But the pics beg a few questions.This is the E70 model prior to the LCI refresh.Unbadged and no tag at all.No tag means no extended over the road testing.Between Plant gates (this X5 did in fact drive between two plant gates) and on Plant grounds.If testing engine/chassis tweaks for the current LCI X5 wouldnt you use the series production model and NOT an out of production model X5??? In all the years Ive been shooting pics…Ive never before seen a towing test conducted around the Plant.Im not around 24/7…but you would think that I would have crossed paths with a towing test prior to … CONTINUED

11/08/2010    7:29 PM

Its no secret that BMW aim to make the next generation 1-Series (codenamed F20 for the hatchback) a centerpiece BMW model, holding equal importance to its older 3-Series and 5-Series brethern. Proof of that is in the pudding, first off this car has and continues to undergo extensive testing that belies the fact that everything is being put into this car to make it top of its class.

Also of note, is BMWs recent turn towards fitting high end options normally reserved for the 5-Series or 7-Series and bringing those options to the smaller 1-Series and 3-Series. During the economic downtown, BMW discovered that people did infact downsize the car, but at the same time, they would upsize on the options … CONTINUED

11/03/2010    1:23 PM

Autoweek has posted a spy video of the upcoming F20 1-series hatchback running hotlaps at the Nurburgring. The new 1-series three and five door models will debut next year at the 2011 Frankfurt IAA in September.

10/31/2010    2:00 AM

Auto Motor und Sport brings us a great F10 M5 video clip. This one features plenty of hotlapping on the Nurburgring and even some controlled powersliding on the wet track.

10/24/2010    5:00 PM

These are the best spy photos yet of the upcoming 6-series convertible! Save for a few pieces of not very disguising tape, the production 6-series cabrio comes into view. The cloth hardtop remains on this 650i convertible (but we’ve been told that a hardtop option will be available).

10/22/2010    2:29 PM

The X1 with M-sport package has been spotted during testing again, this time showing the 18″ M-sport wheel option. The BMW X1 M-sport will be officially announced soon according to insiders.

10/21/2010    9:15 PM

The production F10 M5 rear design has finally been spotted! Seen here is a Monte Carlo Blue F10 M5 at M headquarters in Garching, Germany. The F10 front bumper has mostly previously been revealed.