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12/10/2009    1:50 PM

We bring you the first photos of the next generation 3-series (F30) sedan beginning its cold weather testing for the first time! Although the cars body panels are fully covered by camoflage panels and paint scheme, its easy to see the cars proportions and size.

* Note: neither the orange turn signal on the side mirrors nor the front and rear lights are headed for production. The orange turn signal has been there on all recent BMW test mules and the front and rear round lights are there merely for testing purposes. The real headlights and tail lights are completely covered underneath the cladding.

So far, info points to the F30 3-series sedan as making … CONTINUED

12/10/2009    8:55 AM

Thanks to the boys at spyshots.nl as theyve caught the new 1-series out in the cold Scandinavian testing area.

The car continues to be heavily camod but the car is now solidly in the BMW development cycle. As you may remember, the car was previously seen as a mule riding on the current 1-series body, then a camod prototype was seen driving around the streets on Munich. With more development under the cars belt, it has now been moved for cold climate testing.

So far little is known about what the car will ultimatly represent. There have been whispers of thin LEDs and large circular foglights upfront (ala X1). There have … CONTINUED

12/07/2009    10:28 AM

The new F11 aka the 5-Series touring (wagon) seen here in a basicly de-camod state reveals that the midsize BMW wagon will continue with the tried in true format now packaged under the F10 style skin.

The car is elegant as it is sporty and clearly places an emphasis on style over absolute load lugging capacity (after all, thats what the GT is for right?..).

Engine offerings should be similar to the F10 Sedan which range from a 2.0d (in europe) all the way up to the firebreathing 550i V8.

The sedan is expected to arrive in dealerships this Spring, so I would guess this car will arrive shortly thereafter, possibly in … CONTINUED

12/06/2009    8:03 PM

A titanium silver F10 5-series was recently caught on the Autobahn. One of the first sightings of a production version F10 5 series in public.

12/04/2009    2:42 PM

Is BMW possibly testing a hydrogen hybrid 1-series? If so, it’s good to see that despite BMW’s recent introduction of its gasoline hybrid technology (as seen on the 7-series and X6 ActiveHybrids), the company continues to explore future efficient technologies.

12/02/2009    6:24 PM

The newest E92 3-series facelift pics showing new LED tail lights & angel eyes, and a new color which seems to be vermillion red.

11/23/2009    11:50 PM

The next generation 6-series convertible (F13) continues testing throughout Munich. The folding top is expected to be a hardtop. Shes sounding good!

11/16/2009    8:05 PM

Here is a new compilation of F10 5-series footage, in various colors of 550i and other F10 models, to be unveiled in just 1 week!

11/12/2009    12:51 AM

We bring you another exclusive video, this time a revealing video of the various 2010/2011 5-series variants: the F10 M5 and sedan, as well as the F11 touring. Enjoy!