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09/11/2009    9:28 AM

Featured in this video are various F10 5-series in motion. Until now we have really only seen the 5-series with the minimal camoflage in still photos. While the video isnt of the greatest quality, you can clearly tell that the car looks great in motion… IMO.

One of the new colors seen in the video is a new Amethyst Silver color for the upcoming F10.


09/10/2009    3:31 PM

We bring you the first photos of what appears to be a 6 cylinder twin turbo F20 1-series 5-door hatchback in testing. Until now, the only F20 1-series prototypes we have seen have featured a single exhaust outlet. This newly spotted F20 features split dual exhaust outlets, which, judging by BMWs current models, usually signifies the presence of the 3 liter twin-turbo engine under the hood. The wheels featured on this F20 test mule have also not been spotted before and may very well be the standard (or optional) wheels we will see on the next 135i hatchback.

09/05/2009    9:51 AM

The guys at spyshots.nl have done it again and bring us some nice video footage of the 1er in action. Seeing the car driving around the streets of Germany gives some good insight into the general proportions of this car, and it certainly looks wider and more low slung and compared to the current car. This is still the 5 door version of the car and we have yet to see what a coupe version would look like.

Heres what we know so far. The 5/3-door variants are due as a 2011 model and will sport the familiar 4-6cyl variants which range from anywhere between 115-265hp. An all-wheel drive version has been seen testing (the car with those big silver discs over the wheels) and is likely … CONTINUED

09/03/2009    1:26 PM

Seems that were now seeing new daily shots of the F10 5-series, and thats fine by us as its shaping up to be a gorgeous car!

09/01/2009    11:47 AM

2011 5-series (F10) FEP-stage test cars continue their testing around Germany, this time spotted at a gas station.

08/29/2009    9:43 AM

2011 F10 5-series sightings continue as this test car was spotted parked in a German garage.

08/24/2009    9:38 PM

Spyshots.nl once again bring more spy photos to the web, this time photos of the next generation BMW X3. While these photos offer nothing new in terms of the amount of camo still on the car, they do confirm that the car has grown noticeably compared to the current car, and will make more sense in the BMW lineup next to the current BMW X1. The car should also take a few visual cues from its X1 and X5 bretheren to give it a much more fresh look in line with the current styling themes in the X brand.

Attachment 299691

Attachment 299692

Attachment 299693

Attachment … CONTINUED

08/24/2009    6:56 AM

The boys over at spyshots.nl were tipped with these true interior snapshots of the upcoming M5. They actually went inside and snapped from the inside. Must be nice to get that close to the M5 this far from production! The exterior is still heavily armored and is no doubt hiding widebody upgrades as compared to the standard F10 5-Series.

The most recent rumors indicate that BMW is currently testing two versions of the M5 prototypes, one with a twin-turbo V8 and another with a V10 which is possibly twin-turbo as well! The decision on white powertrain will ultimatly go into the M5 is being made right now but in either case, the result should be nothing short of spectacular

08/19/2009    4:39 PM

We bring you these latest photos of an F10 5-series 550i in FEP testing stage on the streets of Munich.

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