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05/08/2009    6:36 AM

As you can seen, BMW is going full steam ahead with their Touring (wagon) (F11) variant of the upcoming 5-Series. If you ask me, Im not exactly sure how the interplay betwen this car and the 5-series GT will be, but regardless the car is coming and as you can see the tape is slowly being peeled off.

BMW Insider Scott says the following:

Quote: It is true both the GT and the upcoming 5er will share the same bloodline but there are noticeably different details to signify the cars are not one variant of the other , The 5er sedan is more stretched with a … CONTINUED

05/05/2009    6:00 PM

The production version of the BMW 5-series GT continues road testing in Germany and the car seems to follow the "concept" car, that was shown off last month, nearly verbatim. These latest shots are high-resolution and shot in real world lighting which I believe show off the true curves of this car that were somewhat lost in the press release photos that were under heavy lighting. Seeing the car in real world conditions confirms to ME that this car has some very well thought out styling cues and will look great from most angles. However, there is no hiding that high trunk that will be an instant turn off for many, but for them, the standard 5-series will be a better fit anyway. This car is … CONTINUED

05/05/2009    2:32 AM

Auto Motor Und Sport has put together speculative images of the 2012 F30 3-series and upcoming 3-series PAS using elements from BMW’s latest offerings (7-series, Z4 and 5-series GT)

04/22/2009    8:29 AM

Here we have it folks! There are the first photographed pictures of the BMW E92 facelift. Looks like it will actually be a very minor facelift, bumpers only, which is good news for current E92 owners!

04/15/2009    8:05 AM

The upcoming BMW 5-series finally looses her camoflage armour in exchange for the psychadelic graphics. BMW has officially begun the striptease for the new 5-series and I cant wait to see more….

04/07/2009    8:49 AM

Thanks to Carscoop we have some all new photos of the BMW X1 under half-camoflage. Looks like the car will make its European debut very soon!

04/01/2009    9:07 AM

BMW X1 should be coming soon. Apparently its out there doing press photo shoots around the world including NYC

03/24/2009    3:33 PM

Forum member rot has spied the new 6-Series test car (F12/F13) behind a fence. While the basic proportions will stay the same the exact styling details are still covered up

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03/16/2009    3:02 PM

Here it is. Looks like the production car is going to be a near identical copy of the ‘concept X1′ that was at the Paris autoshow. Which is a good thing IMO!!

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