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01/14/2009    2:13 PM

These are the very first pictures of the new BMW 5-series Touring. Snapped testing in Germany, the new 5-series estate will boast BMW’s latest Efficient Dynamics technology, Concept CS-inspired looks, an eight-speed automatic gearbox and a further development of the current car’s aluminium and steel platform.

But the new 5-series Touring will still have a sloping rear end so if you’re after a particularly roomy 5-series we’d suggest its sister, Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) isntead, which BMW insiders claim offers as much interior space as a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

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01/12/2009    2:35 PM

The new F01 7 Series is rumored to be coming with a twin turbo V12 version. The proof is in the pudding and here are the latest spy shots of the car seen testing.

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01/09/2009    2:03 PM

These are purported to be pics of a very early test mule for the next generation BMW 3-series (F30). If true, the modifications to an E90 body are likely for chassis testing only, but hint that the F30 3-series will have a wider (and perhaps longer) wheelbase. Expect the actual final sheet metal to be different, of course. The F30 3-series is expected in 2012.

And please, please dont make posts such as “its hideous.” If this is truly a test mule, its only undergoing chassis testing and what you see here is not at all indicative of what the F30 will resemble. This was only posted because it would be an interesting bit of news to know that the next generation 3-series is already undergoing testing.

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01/05/2009    1:58 PM

The upcoming BMW X6 M is going to be available in 2009 with an enhanced twin turbo V8. Here is an officially sanctioned video about the car from the inside

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12/28/2008    2:33 AM

I would classify this as MAJOR news. It seems somehow a photo of the new 5 Series (F10) bumper has been leaked onto the internet so we now have a complete idea of half of the front end of this car. Let the photoshopping begin!

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12/21/2008    2:30 AM

Here are the latest photos of both the upcoming X6 M and X6 Hybrid while undergoind extensive testing

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12/09/2008    11:00 PM

Here are the photos that are most important to alot of people out there. A direct comparison between the current X3 and the newly redesigned model. Although the car is heavily camoflaged, we can make out the general dimensions and it seems the new car has grown very little compared to the current model, althought it has grown.

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11/27/2008    10:31 AM

This here is the 2009 7 series in the safest and heaviest edition. It looks almost the same as the regular new 7 series. What gives it away are the wide fail-safe tires and flag holders on the fenders.

BMW 5 Series and X5 are rated VR4 level, new 7 Series Security is very likely rated as VR6/VR7. Windows are at least 22 mm thick, body panels are made of ballistic-resistant armored fiber.

The car can resist most firearms from .44 and 357 Magnums to 9 mm Luger. There are also different electronical features such as cameras with intercom and automatic door locking in the case of attack.

New 7 Series Security should go on sale next year and can be purchased through a local dealership. If you are not a hated politician … CONTINUED

11/18/2008    12:35 PM

Note! This is a photoshop and not an actual picture of a real car!!

Well, believe it or not, BMW is already working on the next generation 3-series just as the new facelift E90s are coming out.

The 3 series accounts for about 44% of BMW sales, so suffice it to say its important and BMW has to get it right every time. BMW is taking its cues from the CS concept and will incorporate both dynacism and elegance all in one.

BMW will also go headstrong with their EfficientDynamics push with the 3 series and are planned to downsize the engine size across the board with increased use of turbos to keep the power levels high.

The next generation car is said to be revealed at the Geneva motor show in 2012.

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