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06/30/2008    5:31 PM

Caught on film at the recent BMW Golf tournament was a big billboard in place to promote the upcoming BMW 7-Series and reveals the design of the headlamps will somewhat follow the design of the CS concept car.

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06/26/2008    5:32 PM


Someone must have gotten lazy at the Nordschleife and didn’t remember to cover up the new nose on the twin-turbocharged V8-powered 2010 BMW X5. In this latest round of spy shots from the folks at KGP, we can clearly see the dramatic, M3-inspired front air dam and big new wheels to match the upgraded styling. This marks the second application for the twin-turbo eight cylinder which debuted in the BMW X6, and in the X5 it will be making 408 HP and providing a 0-60 time of just 5.5 seconds. The one thing it won’t be doing is wearing the “M” badge.

BMW’s high-performance-but-not-quite-M-worthy X5 prototype has now shown more of its face, free from its normal frontal camouflage. The once-mysterious X5 program has … CONTINUED

06/25/2008    5:31 PM

Its summer time and now the BMW has moved from winter testing to the ring for some good ole fashioned track testing. The new X1 has already been confirmed to be produced in Europe (Leipzig) rather then the traditional home of BMW SAVs (Spartanburg) and so most guesses are on this car being an uber eco-friendly vehicle using engines in the 4-cylinder flavor. The emphasis should be on people moving, european style, rather then speed and sport. Expect a very mainstream car out of BMW with this model.

MotorAuthority has been able to snap some pics of the car still in body armour speeding around the ring

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06/21/2008    10:22 AM

BMW has taken its new 7-series (F01) to the Ring for some final tests before
its reported July 5th unveiling.

Here are images of both the standard and the long-wheelbase versions running in short succession on the track for some nice comparison shots.

Attachment 163552

Attachment 163553

Attachment 163554

Attachment 163555

Attachment 163556

Attachment 163557

Attachment 163558

Attachment 163559

Attachment 163560

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06/11/2008    10:35 AM

These are the first engine shots of that mysterious BMW X5
prototype which started all those X5M rumors. Although the rather
roughly finished engine bay doesnt give away the cylinder count and
the displacement, it looks to us that this prototype is twin-
turbocharged. The dual air-intake treatment looks similar to the
ducting on BMWs 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine. Given all of this X5
prototypes high-octane modifications, were assuming this is a larger
displacement engine, perhaps even a twin-turbo V8. Regardless of the
specifics, were just glad to finally see a little deeper inside this
beefy X5 prototype to get a glimpse at the heart of the beast. It
still doesnt fully confirm whether or not this X5 will be M-badged,
but our gut tells us that it wont. Were leaning toward other
reports that say this version will slot in where the … CONTINUED

06/05/2008    11:01 AM

These are the latest rendering by Huckfeldt of what he thinks the upcoming X1 and X3 redesign could be. These seem to be off-base IMO as they are not inline with BMWs current styling trend

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05/22/2008    8:24 PM

Well folks, the next big step in the upcoming 5-series technical development has finally arrived. The car has now been seen lapping the famed Nurburgring.

The new 5 is still seen wearing its heavy armour suit, but the car is said to borrow heavily from the BMW Concept CS styling to create a more reserved but aggressive look at compared to the current car.

Whats to be expected?

Unsurprisingly, the car will have big kidney grills, ala Concept CS, new 7-series and X6.

Conservative headlights with integrated LED powered eyebrows similar to the current 7-series in idea.

The car will also be a technological advancement platform that will see further evolutions in … CONTINUED

05/19/2008    8:29 PM

This BMW F3 prototype test mule was spotted recently. Whats interesting about this particular test mule compared to past spyshots is the camoflaged front-end (previous versions had the E90 sedans front end). This indicates that the F3s eventual front-end design is most likely on this car under the camoflage. Look for the rest of the car to be camoflaged eventually as actual exterior F3 panels are added to the rest of the car.

Attachment 156141

Attachment 156142

Attachment 156143

Attachment 156144

Attachment 156145

Attachment 156146

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05/18/2008    8:28 PM

This latest round of spyphotos on M3Post seem to confirm that the E90 M3 Sedan will get the tail-light facelift that the standard E90 Sedan is recieving. This is sure to be controversial as this is the first year the M3 has been out there and is already seeing a change in body design. I would be upset too.

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