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05/14/2008    7:45 PM

In the latest spy pictures of the E90 Facelift are clues that the L shaped notched taillights may make an appearance on the E90 after all….

05/07/2008    7:54 PM

This is our best look yet at the interior of BMWs next Z4.
Although its still partially shrouded by a dash cover, some
evolutionary design changes are still very apparent. A new steering
wheel retains the spirit of the current Z4, but it has been redesigned
to make room for more wheel-controlled buttons. The outer HVAC vent
has also been repositioned to border the new Z4s instrument binnacle,
while the headlight switch moves wider and lower on the dash face.

Taking a closer look at the center console reveals a curious
omission: there is no sign of an emergency brake lever. The current
Z4 has an … CONTINUED

04/29/2008    7:34 PM

The recent spyshots of the BMW Z4 under psychedelic camoflague has now been followed up with video footage of the car on the world famous Nurburgring

04/28/2008    7:49 PM

This is a scoop. It looks like someone has snapped some photos of the upcoming F01 7-Series bumper and put them on ebay and is selling the bumper! Look at the size of those kidney grills

04/22/2008    3:46 PM

The striptease isn’t over until the last piece of black tape is removed :) Here are the latest photos of the upcoming BMW 3-series facelift caught on the streets of Europe

04/19/2008    3:47 PM

This is awesome. Here is a fully uncovered picture of the upcoming BMW 7-Series interior uncovered which looks to take an entirely new design strategy.

04/16/2008    3:54 PM

BMWs next-generation Z4 has replaced its heavy black shell with a
thin veneer of its new graphic camouflage. Despite the vomit-inducing
nature of the Z4s new disguise, its a huge step forward in terms of
assessing the evolution of the roadsters styling. Many of the
polarizing features of the current Z4s design have been toned-down,
for what appears to be a much more elegant look.

Chris Bangles fussy flame-surfacing seems to have been more or less
extinguished, as the side character lines appear to have a more
logical flow throughout the Z4s surface development. The Z4s twin-
kidney grille takes inspiration from BMWs CS concept, as well as the … CONTINUED

04/09/2008    4:45 PM

BMWs high-performance X5 mule has hit the Ring again, this time
showing some interesting changes compared to earlier prototypes.
While prior prototypes always had a more aggressive front bumper, the
headlight design remained pure X5. On this newest prototype, the
headlights appear to have been switched out with X6 headlights. If
there are any changes to the X5s deeper front bumper, we cant
discern them through the camouflage.

This latest prototype also features a new rear treatment. Earlier
prototypes used the standard X5 rear valance, mocked-up to accommodate
its new M-style quad exhaust set-up. The X5 shot yesterday, however,
gets a new, larger rear … CONTINUED

04/03/2008    10:07 PM

and now some photos of the upcoming BMW 7 series (F01) interior!