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03/31/2008    5:15 PM

Hey guys, finally caught a couple of TT V8s out on the PC track.Sometimes its better to be lucky than good!!!I rigged up a little wind noise baffle today for my camera.I said what the hay,Ill go stand at the place I shoot from at the PC.The wind was still blowing 35-40 MPH,a real world test.I had planned on shooting test vids,having no idea cars would be on the track on a Sunday afternoon.Well,I top the berm that I stand on and there are two X6s tearing up the track.They even pulled out a Deep Sea Blue V8 Ive not seen prior to today. There is still some wind noise,but MUCH MUCH better than previous windy day vids.The clicking is the auto focus on my camera.I can say: Turn UP … CONTINUED

03/31/2008    5:12 PM

What is this car exactly? Looks like an X6 with a hood scoop. You might be fooled into thinking that this is some sort of ///M variant. In fact this is a planned hybrid drive version of the X6 and the hood scoop is used to mount the monitoring equipment needed for testing.

03/25/2008    5:24 PM

Here are the first photos of the heavily covered interior of the F10 5-series. Getting a glimpse of an upcoming models interior always provides good insight into the future design language of other upcoming BMW models.

Notice the new side-by-side placement of the gear selector and i-drive knob in the middle console. It appears to resemble the new X5s console. We also get a peak at the new steering wheel.

Attachment 139901

Attachment 139902

Attachment 139903

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Attachment 139909

03/21/2008    5:33 PM

An upcoming crossover variant based off of the 3-series has been caught testing again. Its current form is that of a E91 touring body on a raised suspension platform (probably just for testing drivetrain/suspension/etc..), which will no doubt be replaced eventually by the crossovers actual body shell.

Attachment 138788

Attachment 138789

Attachment 138790

03/20/2008    5:35 PM

Here are the first photos of a facelifted M-tech/M-sport E90 Sedan in Space Gray.

Looks like the rear tailights are LED.

03/13/2008    10:14 PM

The next 3-series is slated to arrive in 2012 and will likely be under the chassis name F30. Many changes are expected, but some unexpected. German magazine Autobild gives us some of their insights

03/12/2008    10:12 PM

The BMW 3-series sedan (E90) is set for a facelift later this year and here are some pictures of the nearly unmasked car. It looks to involve a bumper change, a hood change and possibly minor changes to the headlamps

03/07/2008    10:17 PM

Here is the fully uncovered facelift for the BMW 3-series sedan (E90). Looks like a job well done by BMW!

03/02/2008    10:19 PM

Wow, stop the presses. Looks like someone at BMW screwed up and let the all new BMW 7-Series get photographed without any body cladding.