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01/21/2010    10:45 AM

The first teaser image of the upcoming BMW M1 has surfaced on 1addicts! The small image shows a beefy front bumper sculpted in latest M-style, with huge air inlets for engine and brake cooling. According to insiders, the M1 will be unveiled in a unique matte finish, after being tested with many different matte finishes (sepang bronze, white, etc.). Colors options will be plentiful, ranging from the current M colors to updates of past M colors, and even an Inka Orange color (from the 2002).

01/18/2010    8:30 PM

The M1 prototype test car has now been filmed on video. Scroll down to the link after the jump for the directly embedded video on CAR Magazine’s site.

01/15/2010    9:00 PM

Car Magazine has published pictures of the M1 undergoing cold weather testing in Scandinavia. While the guys at Car Magazine are assuming that this is a mule for the next gen 1-series coupe (F2x), its safe to say this actually is an M1 prototype. Why? The very same car was spotted around the BMW M headquarter in Garching (near Munich) before: http://www.1addicts.com/forums/showthread.php?t=311113

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01/12/2010    5:05 PM

Would naming the upcoming 1-series “M” model as an M1 be sacrilege or natural and appropriate? Cast your vote now.

01/07/2010    7:00 PM

Now that the BMW M1 has been confirmed, the natural next question would be: What’s on everyone’s M1 wishlist (performance, features, options)? Come share your list.

01/06/2010    11:42 AM

Autocar reports that the BMW M1 has been green lighted! Sales will begin mid-2011 and it will be powered by a turbocharged straight six motor estimated to produce around 350hp.

12/09/2009    5:30 AM

EVO Mag further confirms a high performance 1-series is coming, and a BMW supercar. The question is which will be called the new BMW M1.